they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


8. chapter 8


i squint in the light of the sun while walking home by myself. tonight was the night of the party and no matter how much I was dreading it faith had been constantly reminding me so not going, wasn't a option. Sabrina told me she'd be at my house for five. when I arrived at the big house that was known as my house. I sigh while going in. lately I have been remising about Canada, I think I have acase of nostalgia to be honest. anytime i do anything my mind always slips to the thought of Canada and everyone in it. i miss my friends, i haven't gotten a text from April since that first day here. anyway before i let my thoughts get the best of me, when i walked into the house, i hear my mom on the phone. i take off my shoes and throw my backpack down, making my way to the kitchen. i look to the table and see a brand new Samsung phone on the table. i stare at it for a minute not knowing why it was there. my small little LG was  a fine phone, it still worked in all. however it didn't have apps or anything but it had the basics it could make phone calls, text and listen to music. i hear my mother say bye on the phone and a wide smile plays on her face as she looks t me. i look up at her and slightly smile "so what do you think? "she asks excitedly gesturing to the Samsung, i shrug "i appreciate it and all but i rather stick to my phone." i say "sky, i cancelled your plan on that phone." she says "what?" i ask confused "come on sky, you couldn't possibly of thought that your old phone plan would work in England." she says while her smile slowly fades. "what do you mean? is my number the same?" i ask her frantically "its a new number." she states and my eyes go wide "can i still text on my old phone?" i ask her "sky, no. your number is no longer active on that phone." she sighs "mom! all my contacts were on that! my friends were on that phone!" i yell unable to stop myself "sky, calm down you can ask your friends for their numbers again." she says "no i cant! i cant get the numbers from Canada back! what about all my friends there." i say trying to calm down but failing. "sky im sorry but its time to start fresh." she says with a light smile and  i don't say anything in response instead i jut storm up the stairs and into my room. i know this may be immature of me but i don't care. all my friends from Canada are now gone... wait....Facebook! i could tell all of them on Facebook but then the realization of having no Wi-Fi comes into mind. I walk downstairs and grab the new phone on the table then shove on my shoes and walk out the door. i walk next door to faiths and knock. after two knocks the door opens to reveal Mrs. willer, i smile "sky, you must be here to see faith?" she questions, i nod "she's upstairs" she smiles "thanks.". i close the door behind me and take my shoes off and then go up the stairs and to her room. the door is shut but instead of knocking I just open it and immediately regret it. faith pulls away from zayns lips with a gasp, she looks at me and i stare at her with wide eyes "holy crap sky! i thought you were my mom." she whisper/ yells at me "how did he get in here?" i ask her, a smug smirk plays on zayns face as he glances  at the window and then back at me. i then take in how close they are together which was really close. "alright first put some room between you too because god this is awkward for me." i say. faith rolls her eyes and moves over to the left of the bed. I look at zayn to see he has no shirt on and id be lying if i said he wasn't extremely attractive right now, "zayn for gods sake put a dam shirt on." i say and then he rolls his eyes, while picking up the black t shirt on the floor and then carelessly throws it on "alright so what did you need?" faith asks "oh i need to use your Wi-Fi." i state "wow, your not here to see me?" she questions acting defended " not really, i just need your Wi-Fi." i smile. "alright where's your phone?" she sighs "oh i need to still open it." i say looking at in my hand. i sit down the end of the bed at the very corner and begin to open it. "nice planning job." faith says "oh shut up." i say. "faith told me about you slapping harry... good job." zayn smirks, "thanks."  i say with a roll of my eyes. i finish opening the box of my phone and turn it on.
so why exactly do you need the Wi-Fi?" faith asks "long story short, I just need to tell some of my friends in Canada about my new phone." "how urgent." zayn says with sarcasm laced in his voice, "oh shut up , no one was talking to you." I state in a not friendly manner, zayn puts his hands up in defense "woah there, no need to get all moody with me." he smirks, I groan "god your like harry.". I look at my phone to see it had turned on, I swipe the lock screen and go on the setting and then on wifi and pass the phone to faith. after she finishes typing it she hands it back to me and I go back on the home screen and touch the already installed "facebook" app "now if you ever need wifi all you need to do is stand in front of my house." she states "im not that desperate for wifi." I respond back as I log into my Facebook. when it loads I touch the little status update box and type "new number... after I figure out what my  number is and how to use this thing I will give it to all of you( hinting at my very minimum Canadian friends)." I touch post and stand up. "well thanks for that." I say and then look out faiths window to see my moms room is right across. by this I mean if my mum would look out her bedroom window she would see faiths bedroom window. "oh ya and I would suggest maybe putting the curtains down because if my mom were to lookout her window she'd see you two." I say with my hand on the door knob, "babe can you get the window." faith asks zayn, I watch as he stands up and pulls the curtains in front of the window and goes back to sit on the bed next to faith. "hey, sky if you want to stay and hang out with us for longer I would love that." faith smiles,i look at her and then zayn, "uh no its fine I wouldn't want to disturb you and zayn" I say while turning the knob of the door, "oh come on." faith urges. " I really don't want to get in your way. it seems like you would like to be with zayn." I say and then I walk out of her bedroom while closing the door behind me. is it bad that I was actually jealous of her and zayns relationship? he seems a lot sweeter when he's with her then when he's with his friends. I shove on my shoes when I walk downstairs and then im out the door. I walk back to the house and check the time, four, I guess I should start getting ready. I haven't really been to a house party before, so I have no idea what to wear. I look through my boxes of clothing practically throwing them everywhere but still I had no clue what to wear. I didn't want to wear something that would draw attention to myself yet I wanted to look somewhat nice. i wasn't the type of girl to wear crop tops or shorts that were too short actually what person would wear that on a fall night?


after many apprehensive thoughts i finally picked my outfit which basically consisted of a like a light blue denim button up that looked like a cowboy shirt thing going on with a pair of black jeans and some oxfords. my makeup was pretty light just some mascara and a light champagne colored eye shadow. for my hair i left it in its naturel waves and that was it. there was a knock at the door and i ran downstairs to answer it.  the minute i open the door a smile spreads on my face as Sabrina stands "hey!" i beam and she smiles and i gesture her in. "you look really good!" she says happily " I hope so, i  tore my room apart looking for something to wear." i laugh and she smiles, "you look really good too." i say as i take in her appearance, she wears a white t shirt with a kind of faded black dream catcher, she wore a gray drape cardigan that looked really good and then wore dark blue skinny jeans and she just kept her hair we are about to go upstairs there's another knock on the door, i answer to see faith "hey." he says walking straight in, "well then come in." i say sarcastically and she laughs. "alright we need to go to my room before my mom comes here and finds out about the party." i say gesturing both of them upstairs. we walk up the stairs and to my room and i shut the door. i look at faith outfit to see she's in track pants and a t shirt "wait a minute, track pants are acceptable at this party?" i ask full of hope "no i just couldn't wear what i am going to wear in front of my mom so both of you look way so i could get dressed." she says "there's  bathroom down the hall." i say "ya, well that's far away." he responds back, i sigh and Sabrina and i turn our backs towards her. after five minutes "alright ready" she calls we turn around and i see that she i wearing less then little clothing "more clothes, maybe?" i question, she shakes her head "no im fine. im wearing more clothes then most of the girls wear there. you two need to take off some clothes, not in  sexual way or anything. however you guys are way to covered up." faith states and both Sabrina and i shake our heads quickly "sorry but i would not like to be some object a guy stares at the whole night because of what i wear." i say and take in faiths outfit  which consisted of a very cropped top that said wild spirit and you guessed it right extremely short shorts that barley covered her bottom end. "we should probably head off soon." faith says "alright pass me that robe over there." i tell faith, she grabs it from the floor and throws it at me. i put it on making sure my outfit covered and then make my way to my mother. when i reach my mom i see her lying on the couch looking like she is just about to fall asleep. "mum." i greet, "hmm, ya hun." "uh im going to a sleepover at Sabrina's if that's fine." i say "ya that's fine but can i ask you one thing?" my mum questions, i nod "why are you wearing that robe? i haven't seen you wear that since you were fourteen." she smirks... shes catching on. "i couldn't find my pajamas, they are still packed in the boxes" i lie smoothly, "alright have a nice time." she says, i smile and run upstairs to my room. "alright everything's good. now all we have to do is be silent while going outside. oh and we need to make it sound like only one person." i say and grab my purse while opening the door. we slowly and quietly walk down the stairs and out the door without my mom questioning anything. "so how are we getting there?" Sabrina asks, faith grabs something from her pocket, car keys. "we can take my moms car." faith smiles and we walk next door, faith unlocks the door. i take passenger seat while Sabrina sits in the back. faith sticks the keys in the ignition and the car comes to live. she puts the radio on full blast and begins to drive. as she drives, we all sing  loud to the radio. We then pull up to a big house and when i step out of the car i can smell the liquor, the smoke of cigarettes and a bit of the booming music coming from inside.

authors note!

hey sorry about the long wait for a new chapter. but i made this chapter like super long if you could tell, to make up for the lack of updates. also o my god have any of you read divergent because i am in love with it so fricken much and im so excited for the movie and o my god theo james is just perfect! uhh and i have literally been non stop listening to ellie goulding beating heart.... i don't even know it just gives me the feels for some unknown reason. sorry to bore you guys with this but anyway hope you enjoyed the chapter!



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