they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


7. chapter 7

the end of the day rolls around and i make my way to my locker. since English i haven't seen harry and im happy about that because i want to punch him straight in the face for what he tried to do. as i get to my locker i pack my binders and grab my backpack beginning to make my way out the door but as im about to step foot outside Sabrina comes over "so your a walker?" she asks and i nod "you?" i ask "i take a bus but i missed it so now im stuck walking." she groans i laugh "how did you miss the bus?" i ask "well i was talking to Mrs  Switz and asking her a question for science and then after i run for my bus to figure out it was gone." she sighs "if you want you can come over to mine for a bit and my mom can drive you home or something " i offer she smiles "really?" she asks a bit shocked "ya whats with the shock?" i question "i don't know must people here would just laughed at my story and continued on with their day." she says "well Sabrina i actually like you and your refreshing compared to everyone else i have met so far." i say and she smiles. we then begin to walk to my house and i hear my name "sky!" i turn my head to see the familiar blue eyes, faith. i stop walking and wait for her to catch up and when she does she smiles "hey guys!" she says "hi." we say beginning to walk together "so sky, about that party i was talking about, you should really come." faith starts "no i told you already im not going to some stupid party." i say "please, Sabrina can come too." she adds, i look to Sabrina "do you want to go?" i ask her she shrugs "i don't know, I've never been." she says "well your missing out. one party isn't going to kill you guys." faith pouts and i sigh in defeat "fine we'll be there but i swear to god if harry or any of his idiot friends are there im going to kill you." i tell her "don't worry zayn told me they weren't planning on going." she smiles. we continue to walk and the i feel a tug on my shoulder, i snap my head to the source and i see the smug face of harry styles "skylar." he smirks "not in the mood, leave." i snap at him "oh come on i was thinking about what you said in English today and-" i didn't even let him finish his sentence "ya what you asked me in English was idiotic and stupid of you." i say anger boiling up inside of me "oh calm down, it wasn't that bad." he says with a roll of the eyes, i was about to say something back when faith cut in "hazza just leave her alone." faith tells him "oh faith hi." he says " hey." she greets him "sorry to ask but who is that?" harry asks pointing to sabrina who looks pretty terrified right now "Sabrina." faith answers for her "nice to meet you." harry smirks at her and she rolls her eyes "anyway skylar." harry says "its sky, not skylar." i tell him again and he smirks that signature smirk of his "skyalr." he says just to annoy me and i groan "alright like i was saying you know how you haven't slept with anyone yet-" again i cut him off "whoa no stop right there." i demand "let me finish. i volunteer to be your first." harry finishes and my mouth drops open "excuse me?" i ask not believing what he just said "what?" he asks "why would i want you to be my first?" i ask with a bit of a laugh "because im charming, good looking and your fooling now one when you say your not into me." he states "come here." i tell him with a smile and he leans in a bit "closer." i say sweetly and he does as he leans closer in i move closer to so my lips are at his ear "never going to happen." i say and the slap him across the face. "lets go." i tell faith and Sabrina. Sabrina follows as faith laughs loudly, "when i tell the guys what you did they're going to be dying of laughter." faith says between fits of laughter. we walk back to my house with only the sound of faiths laughter. i hate him so much! harry is just infuriating and cocky. how dare he tell me that he volunteers to be my first, i just hate him so much its not even funny. my mom used to tell me hate was a strong word and that i should only use strongly dislike but when it comes to harry i cant stand him and i hate him so damn much! when we arrive in front of my house faith says she needs to go home and then Sabrina and i  walk into my house "sky!" my mom calls but i ignore her making my way upstairs and having Sabrina follow. when we reach my room i slam the door and fall onto my bed "how dare he talk to me like that." i say with disgust full in my voice, Sabrina nods "what a douche." she agrees and i nod.  "why does he bug you so much?" Sabrina questions 'i don't know. when i first moved in him and his friends always seem to annoy me."  i sigh "that's strange. i guess harry must really like you." she says "harry doesn't like me he just thinks im  a joke so he finds it amusing to make fun of me and bug the hell out of me." i groan, "well you handle it really well." sabrina smiles and i laugh a bit "that's because im not letting  him win. he thinks im going to fall in love with him but he is so wrong." i say and nods her head. Sabrina phone begins to buzz and she answers it, i ignore the conversation she having and look out my window to see none other then harry and his friends making their way to my house, i groan and sit up. Sabrina closes her phone "my dads coming to pick me up now." she says and i nod and stand up. we make our way to the front door to wait for her dad. my mom comes out of the kitchen and see Sabrina and i " oh my sky did you already make a new friend?" my mom beams and i nod "im Sabrina  nice to meet you." she introduces herself, "im miss bloom." my mother says sticking out her hand and Sabrina shakes it "so how was your day?" my mom asks "alright." i say simply, then there's a honk outside and sabrinas dad is out there. i walk her out and to her car. "bye sky see you tomorrow." she smiles and i give her a slight wave. when her fathers car leaves the drive way my eyes meet emerald ones ."skylar." he says coming up to me with his friends "what?" i ask "you want to hang out with us?" he and i laugh "ya no." i state "oh come on."he urges, "why?" i ask "because then you can see who we are instead of just thinking of us as the bad guys." he says. my curiosity is strong and i want to say yes just so i can know what they actually do but my fear of how everyone will see me if i do this is also fairly strong. i have a battle in my mind but i know my answer has to be "no.", i say the word and walk back inside of my house. no matter how much i do want to know why they are troublemakers on this town i need to think about my image

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