they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


6. chapter 6

(the next day)

 I wake up at seven thirty to get ready for my first day at maple side high school. I first pick my clothing which consists of a blue t shirt, a pair of navy blue jeans and a gray hoodie, I head to the washroom with my clothing in hand. as I step into the washroom I lay my clothes on a chair and undress myself and step into the warm water of the shower. I let the hot water sink into my skin and then begin the process of washing my hair, soaping my body and all of that stuff. as I finish and step out of the shower, I dry myself off and put on the clothes I chose before. I blow dry my hair and just put it in a high pony tail, to lazy to do anything else with it. I apply mascara, eye shadow and a bit of eyeliner on my eyes and I am done. I walk downstairs to be greeted with my mom holding a camera to my face "mom." I groan "sky shh let me just get some good pictures of you, its your first day!"she exclaims to happily for the morning "stop." i say covering my face, "come on sky,these are memories." she smiles as she snaps another picture " its too early in the morning." i groan and make my way to the kitchen where i grab a bowl, a box of cereal and pour everything into the bowl and eat it quickly. after i finish i grab my backpack  and shove on my red toms and open the door. "wait sky one good picture, please?" my mum begs, i groan "fine." i say and put on my best fake smile possible "alright say "first day!" my mum says happily "first day of hell!" i say as she snaps the picture "sky it wont be bad."she says and i sigh "of course it wont.' i say sarcastically and make my way out the door and begin my walk to the hell hole people call high school. as i walk i take out my phone and my head bud putting them in and letting the fray fill my ears. as i begin to get close i feel someone poke my shoulder, i turn my head swiftly and see the mop of brown curly hair, i unplug one of my ear buds "what do you want?' i spit at him "no need to be harsh, i was just wondering if you wanted me to show you around the school." he says "ya no thanks, i don't really want to be seen with you, if you haven't noticed, styles." i say "styles?" he questions i nod "ya, do you have a problem with that?" i ask "no i like it." he smiles "well then leave, i don't need to be seen with you." i say and he sighs "oh come on you wish you could hang out with me."he smirks i shake my head "no actually, never." i say "come on Skylar." he says "i have told you this before, Sky not Skylar!" i snap at him "well i see someone is on there period "he snorts i stop walking and turn around catching him off guard "what did you just say to me?' i ask "oh come on, it was a joke." he laughs "ya that's not a joke its immature and stupid." i say "aww is someone getting anger." he says in a baby voice as i begin to quicken my pace "i will call the police on you, if you keep following me." i say and he laughs"go ahead." "just stop, where are your other friends?" i question he shrugs " i ditched them to walk with you."he smirks grabbing my hand and i pull it away "don't touch me." i say sternly 'come on i only touched your hand."he says as i slip my hand away from his "ya well i don't want you touching me." i say "come on, im holding back right now."he whispers seductively in my ear and a shudder runs through my body "your a pig!" i say full of disgust while beginning to jog to the school "come on you love it!" he calls but i don't stop i keep running until i reach the building and swing open the door to see  faith smiling at me, she makes her way beside me and smiles "hey.' she says "hi." i say "so are you going to the party on Friday " she asks i shake my head "ya no thanks, not really into the whole house party things." i say "oh come on sky it will be fun." she pouts "sorry no i don't need to ruin my image here." i say "oh stop being a goody two shoes and break some rules once and a while." she says i look at her as she smiles "have you been smoking more?" i ask her "ya why?" she asks "because your teeth are yellow." i tell her truthfully "oh shut up, you should try a cig once." she states and i shake my head quickly "ya no again not my cup of tea." i say and she laughs "alright anyway what class do you have?" she asks "English." i state "well i have that too so i can show you where that is." she smiles and i smile back "well i have to get to my locker so i will come to your locker when im ready what number are you?" "one fifty." i say and she nods and leaves. i begin to walk around the school attempting to find my locker but i will admit i was very lost and i guess people could tell because a  short, brunette with bright blue eyes came up to me "are you lost?" she asks and i nod 'ya i thought i could find my locker but i really cant." i say and she laughs "what number?" she asks "one fifty." i tell her and she smiles, "follow me." she says and i listen and follow beside her "so whats your name?"i ask "Sabrina, whats yours?" she asks "sky." i say "oh so you must be the new girl in town, you and your mum right?" she asks "ya how did you know?" i ask confused "well news gets around and when there's someone new coming to town everyone knows." she says "oh." i say "if you don't mind my asking, wheres your dad?" she asks "dead." i state simply "o my gosh, sorry i didn't know." she said "its fine it happened a while ago and he meant nothing to me." i say she stares at me for a minute and then looks away "well here we are."she says and i look at the locker to see its mine "thank you so much." i say opening it and shoving all my books but English in it. "so im guessing English first?" she asks i nod "well funny thing is i also have that." she says showing me her binder, i smile. i like Sabrina shes actually pretty cool. the bell for first class rings and we quicken our pace making it just in time before the teacher comes in. i see faith pointing to a seat next to her but i ignore her and sit next to Sabrina.  the class begins and i learn the teachers name is Mr. smith,he was a middle aged man with glasses at the bridge of his nose. as he called out each name finally reaching mine he smiles at me "aw and you must be skylar Bloom the new girl at the school. why dont you come up and introduce yourself." he smiles, i begin to shake as i stand up slowly and make my way to the front of the class. "alright skylar how about you describe your self to the class."he smiles and i nod as im about to start talking the door swing opens revealing harry styles with a smug look on his face. "Mr. styles, how nice of you to join us." Mr. Smith greets, harry  doesn't say a word, he walks past me and sits next to Faith, i hear them exchange hi's and then its my turn to talk. "uh hi im Skylar Bloom." i start and look around the classroom and that's when my eyes fall on harry, he was wearing a smug smirk as he looked at me, i looked away quickly and continued " i moved here from Canada and to be honest im completely terrified right ya that's it." i say and as im about to make my way back to my seat Mr smith stops me instantly making me not like him much "does anyone have any questions for skylar?" peoples hand shoot up and mr smith picks a girl who is named Beatrice "why did you move?" she asks "uh my dad died a year ago and my mum wanted somewhere fresh to start so i was dragged along with her." i say,the teacher then picks a boy whose name is mat "do you have a favorite band and why do you like them?" he asks "the fray. i like them because there music is just perfect it makes sense and its easy to connect with." i say, then Harry's hand shots up and my heart beat quickens, please dont pick him, please don't pick him, i think to myself but just my luck Mr smith calls his name "i have two questions." he says "first whats your favorite color?" he asks "blue." i say a bit relived of his question but then the 2nd question comes" and are you are virgin?" he asks with the same smirk on his face, my eyes widen at his question and my cheeks warm up "harry, that is not a appropriate question. go in the hall now!" mr smith says sternly, i see his face which is amused and i cant take it that i reacted just the way he wanted me to "yes."  i say out loud without thinking "and im proud." i say, harry turns his head towards me "hmm interesting i would of expected someone as pretty as you to not be one." he says as his hand rests on the door knob i don't react to his words even though in my mind im embarrassed "whats that suppose to mean?" i ask "that most pretty girls are easy to get them in bed with you"he states smoothly "harry that is enough, leave now!" mr smith yells but harry just stands there "well then i guess im not a pretty girl." i say to him and then make my way to my seat and mr smith leaves the room grabbing harry by the arm dragging him out. i look around to see everyone staring at me and i fell sabrina tap my shoulder lightly "what was that?" she asks, i shrug not sure myself.

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