they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


5. chapter 5


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping,i stand up and rub my eyes.i stretch my arms and then walk downstairs to get somthing to eat. i dont think my moms awake just yet so i walk to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of lucky charms, i quickly eat it and then theres a knock on the door, i run to answer it and i see faith and about ten centimeters away were louis,liam,zayn,niall and harry, i look at her for a moment then i remember that i am in my pajamas,i havent brushed my hair and im wearing no makeup."you look attractive today."faith smiles "shut up." i say and she laughs "so we were thinking about ditching school you want to come?"faith asks, "no and i never will want to come those guys are trouble faith."i say "they are not trouble they are great.the town just gave them a bad name."faith says "ya thats why harry stole a cd and everyone dosent want to be seen with them?" i question "sky you have to stop being scared about what people think of you."faith says and i can hear a bti of anger in her voice "hey skylar you look lovley today."harry shouts to me and i give him a dirty look "its sky!" i yell back to him and shut my front door and go to my room.tomorrow i finally get to start school and today well i dont know what to do.i walk to my bay window and sit down  looking out the window to see faith and the guys walking and laughing, i sigh,somewhere in my mind i want to hangout with them and be friends with them but then the other part is that i cant stand them, i was never the bad girl in canada,never,to be honnest i think i was more of the good girl in school,never forgot my homework, always helped out and followed the rules but here i dont even know, its like everything i was in canada is gone and i get to pick what i want to be but i dont know what i want to be. "sky you awake?" i hear my mother say outside my door "ya." i tell her and then she comes in "well your room is looking good."she smiles and looks around but really all that is in it is a bed and drawers with only a few clothes. "so i was thinking how about today we go shopping and we get you whatever you want?"my mother smiles, i know she is trying to make me want to stay here but i dont i just want to go back to canada but i know shes trying so i say "sure its sounds fun." and a huge smile appears on her face "alright we will leave in an hour."she said walking out of the room. i stand up and begin to get ready, i first take a shower and then brush my long wavy dark brown hair and put it up in a pony tail, i apply a bit of mascara on my top eyelashes and some light colored eye shadow. i put on my black jeans and a long sleeved green shirt and i am ready. i go downstairs and wait for my mom and she comes down in fifteen minutes wearing black jeans and a blue t shirt "are you ready?" she asks, i nod my head and then we make our way to the car. i jump in and then my mom does to and we head to the mall.


when we got to the mall the first store we went to was garage, where i bought a few shirts, some shorts and a pair of socks. after that store we passed Hollister but i didn't even go in there due to the fact there stuff is way over prized. "mom do you want to go into any stores?" i ask her and she shakes her head "no sky, this shopping trip is for you so you get to chose all the shops we go into." she says and i nod "alright then." i say, i see soft moc and go in there to look at all the shoes finding a pair of dark blue keds that i loved and ended up buying. after that as we walked around the mall i saw them, Liam, harry, niall, zayn, faith and harry just laughing walking around "mom." i say and point to them and she looks at me "alright come on, don't look at them, alright?" she tells me and i nod and we walk right pass them and i hear  footsteps coming towards us, i turn around to see harry "Skylar."he says happily and then my mother grabs my arm and pulls me away from him not even letting me say a word "come on we are leaving now. "my mom states as we get close to the doors. We walk out and then go in the car where i let out a loud sigh "what sky?" my mom asks "mom just because the guys are there doesn't mean we have to leave the place, why cant we just ignore them?" i ask her "because sky that harry boy looks like he is into you and i swear i forbid you to date him or any other one of those troublemakers." she sternly states and i nod my head "don't worry im not planning on it." i tell her looking out the window.


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