they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


4. chapter 4

as i was about to cross the bridge that led to the lake i heard the laughs and wait faith wasent the only one i then heard,harrys laugh, i remembered it from when zayn whispard somthing in his ear and he laughed. one foot was on the bridge. i turn myself and begin to run home as fast as i could, not even stopping i wanted to get away frm them. god no more hanging out with faith anymore. i ran and ran and finally got back to my house my breathing was heavy and i was gasping for air. i opened the front door and saw my mom, "mom your home." i say "ya and where were you?"she asked "just walked to the park." i say it wasent a complete lie because i did walk to the park but i did try and find faith too. "alright but you are not allowed to go out at night."she says i nod my head "so what did you buy?' i ask "some food."she says "alright i am going to go to bed i am so tired." i say quickly and run up to my room. i fall to my bed and sigh. god if those guys saw me i wonder what they would do to me.thinking back about punching harry styles in the face at the moment it was a pretty great idea but now well it was a terrible idea,when he has four other friends and i have none to protect me. then i hear somthing banging on my window i get up and look to see stones being thrown at it, i go closer to the window and i jump back when a stone hits the window and it makes a *BANG* i closer to it to see it was them,the idiots and faith, i roll my eyes, how do they even....wait never mind faith is with them thats how they know where i live. i groan and lay back in bed trying to ignore the rocks being thrown at my window. god they are just idiots and why would faith tell them where i lived? i then go to my window and open it just a bit "leave!" i yell to them "sky come down!" faith yells "no now stop throwing the dam stones!" i yell back and they all laugh but that wasent a joke"we seee you have a temper!"harry yells "oh shut up harry!" i yell back and close my window. the throwing of the rocks still dosent stop. i clench my fist in anger and then take a deep breath in and then out "calm down sky,they are just being idiots like usual." i say to myself, i unclench my fists and walk back to the window, i slighlly open it again "i am going to call the police if you guys dont leave!" i yell to them "come on sky,come and hang out with us!" zayn says "no im not stupid, i will not ruin my reputation in this town. and by the way if you guys dont leave in ten seconds im going to come out there and kick your buts!" i yell "alright!"harry yells back,i roll my eyes and then begin to count "ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two....,one." "are you guys gone yet?" i ask "nope!"they all say and i groan "great now i have to get up and go outside." i mumble to myself.then i think of a brillant idea. i walk down stairs "ohhh mom!" i yell "yes darling?!"she responds " i need your help!" i yell back and then seconds later my mom comes to my side "alright mom so the punks our outside right now and i want you and me to grab bats and scare them off." i smile "what?"my mom asks "well you see.harry niall,zayn,liam,louis and faith our outside and they are annoying me by throwing rocks at my window so we are going to go scare them off." i say "sky i love you and all but you are just odd."mom says "i try." i say with a slight smile,my mom laughs. i grab my coat,shoes and then i grab the baseball bat, my mom does the same thing "alright goal here is to act as crazy as possible." i say,she nods her head. i open the door slowly and walk out with mom behind me.we hide behind a wall i mouth the word "go." and we both hop out from behind the wall and act like doing all these crazy things with my hands "leave!" i yell to them as i threaten to use my bat,my mom is also acting quite crazy too. she is just hoping all over the place. i do that thing that gorillas do with their hands on their chest,then all of them ran off and when they were out of sight, i began to laugh, i was laughing so hard i was crying, i fell to the grass and my mom fell too we both laughed"god,did you see their faces?" i said between laughs my mom nods "hun you are not going to make many friends at your new school if people start talking about that."my mom says "i know." i said still laughing. i got up from the grass and i gave my mom a hand to.we walked back inside and i went to my bedroom. i look out my window to see no one and i laugh, that whole crazy act had to get them to stay away from me, i just know it.


o my gosh when sky and i think it was her mom came out and tryed to scare us off it was hillarous, god she is just amazing.i need her to be mine."god who would of known skylar would go all gorilla on us."louis says with a laugh "i know that was so funny she though that she was scaring us."faith laughs loudly. "gosh i wish she would just talk to us."niall states "niall she wants to talk to us so bad,she is just too much of a good girl."zayn says,he all nod our head in agreement "ya when i went to her house she wouldent even let me light a cig." faith says. "see guys shes just to much of a good girl for us."zayn says "well i like her a lot.she is funny,has a small temper and she is hit." i say and the boys and faith laugh "so faith what do you think about hanging with us more?"liam asks,she shrugs"screw what this town thinks of me. you guys are great."she says with a laugh "great."zayn says. "so faith your going to get skylar to go to the party on friday,right?" i ask "ya dont worry. i will tell her you guys arent coming and she will go."faith says.zayn then pulls out a cigarette and lights it and breaths in the smoke and then breaths out,faith takes it from his hands and begins to take the breath in and then breathing out the smoke,she smiles and hands zayn the cig back."harry why do you even like sky?"faith asks "because she seems like a challenge." i say "what do you mean?"niall asks "she seems like she would be hard to get to try new things."i smile "harry if you do get her,dont play her."niall say "why do you care?" i ask him he shrugs his shoulders "she seems like the girl that acts like shes so strong but inside shes weak." i say "well i think she is strong and stubborn."i say.we walk and walk and then sit on a sits on zayns lap and zayn kisses her on the cheek "so is there somthing going on with you two?"liam asks "maybe."zayn smiles."so when does sky start school?"louis asks,faith shrugs her shoulder "i have no clue."she says."well i better go." i say and i stand up from the bench and begin to walk away "bye!"they all yell to me "bye see you guys tomorrow." i say and continue to walk until i get to my house. i walk up the stairs and into my room where i undress my myself and then slip into bed. i drift off to sleep with sky on my mind,she needs to be mine.

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