they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


3. chapter 3

after about four hours we finally finished decorated the house with mom and i both sat on the brand new black couch. "so when do i start school?" i ask my mom "two days."she says"alright im going to grab my suticase from the car." i say and stand up and make my way outside. i go to the car and open the trunk and   lifted out my big blue suitcase. i rolled it inside and pulled it up the stairs. i placed it in my room and then looked at my room, all i have in here is a bed and my closet.i open my suticase and take out all of my clothes i brought and shoved them in my closet,after that i sat down on my bed and took out my phone, i was about to text april but ten i realised that everytime i texted april i got charged two dollars per text so i dont think tat would be a great idea.i then look in my suitcase and  find the book"the hunger games." i have read this book twice but i guess three times wont hurt. i lay my back on the bedboard and begin to start reading.not five minutes later there was a knock on my door "come in." i call and my mom opens the door " i am going to go shopping for food and stuff,do you want to come?" my mom asks i shake my head "no,its alright i rather just stay here." i say "but its so boring here."my mom says i shrug my shoulders "well after you get wifi,a tv a home phone and plans for our cells,this might be a bit better." i say she nods her head "sky we do have a tv."my mom says "one with channels?" i ask "well um no but i will be getting a box soon,dont worry."she says. i nod my head and my mom leaves my room. i take out my iphone and check the time "seven twenty."it reads. i dont feel like reading anymore so i grab my head phones from my suitecase and plug them into my phone and let the music clear my i listened to the music all i wanted to do was call my friends from canada but i couldent,now before you ask i was not the most popular girl at school, i had five best friends and i always called us "the loser force five." i know cheesy  but it was so true,like most people knew who we were but  just dident bother to talk to us. when we had those shool dances nobody would ask us to dance well actually i remember this one boy kept asking april to dance over and over again and se hated it because se dident really like the boy that much. to be completly honnest with you out of all five girls i was closet to april,we both were a little werid and we were like sisters,the other girls well we were more like best friends not sisters and one of the members of loser force five was my cousin. saddley these five girls i just talked to you about probably will forget about me by next year except for my cousin lucy because well we are cousins, i have to learn to foget about canada because this place is nothing like it. the people arent the same, the scenery offense to faith or anything but she isent really the type of friend i want she seems like the girl who rather sleep with someone then have a relationship. i sat with my earbuds on staring at the ceiling,thinking.


it was almost nine so i put a hoodie on my red t sirt and made my way to the park, i still had that  girl stuck in my head, i needed to know her name.when i got to the park i saw the zayn,liam and louis sitting on the bench, i began to jog to them and i reached them and took a seat next to louis "haz!"they said in unison "guys!" i said back "take a beer."zayn said passing me one, i took it and drank a bit of it "wheres niall?" i ask"he texted me saying he is coming now."liam said and then took a sip from his beer. "so guys you know that girl who punched me,do you know her name?" i asked them "nope i ave never seen her until she pucnched you."zayn stated "i think shes new to the town."liam says.then niall walks over to us "hey guys."he says sitting next to liam "hey." i say back,"what are we talking about?" he asks taking a beer "the girl who punced harry."louis said "ohh whats her name?" niall asks "no idea we think she might be new to the town."i tell him. i then look at zayn to see him looking at somthing and smiling,he got up " i will be right back."he says and starts to jog.minutes later he comes back with a girl who i regonize,faith.we met her at a party,zayn liked her a lot and hoped he could take her home but he got anger at a guy who was flirting with her and punched him."guys you remember faith,right?" zayn asks "i shouldent be talking to you."she says,"come on just have beer."zayn says "if my mom finds out about me here,she will kill me."faith says "i thought you dident care about what this town thought of you?"zayn questioned " i dont but my parents do." she says "and also last time i hung out with you,you punched a guy."she states "that was because he was flirting with you."he says "im going."se says "no stay." "i cant be seen with you guys." she says and as she is about to walk away zayn grabs her wrist 'wait before you leave,can i ask you something?"i ask she nods her head"do you know a girl with light brown hair,hazel eyes,pale face,rosey cheeks and high cheek bones?" i ask she looks at me strangley "why?"she asks "i want to know her name."i say "is she new to the town?" fsith questions "i think so." i say "it  might be skylar bloom,she just moved into the house next mine,nice person."she smiles,and turns around 'wait babe stay."zayn begs her "no bye."she says and begins to walk away but zany walks up to her and talks to her ."so her name is skylar." i whispar to myelf.then zayn comes back with faith "guys we  are going some where,where no one will see us."zayn says picking up the beers,we all nod and follow zayn.after about five minutes we stand at the lake under the bridge,we all sit on the grass."you know harry if you like skylar i can get her to go to the next party."faith said "faith if you could do that,it would be great. i really want to talk to her."i say "harry do you actually like her or is it you want to hook up with her?"niall asked me "why do you care?"i ask him,he says nothing back.


when we went under the bridge and sat on the grass all that was in my mind was the girl whose name is skylar. whne i saw her punch harry in the gut, i thought it was just hillarous,god if she knew how many times i wanted to do that to harry. i did want to talk to skylar she seemed like a pretty funny girl. "i call dibs on her,you got that."harry stated, i wanted to say no but i knew all that would cause was a fight,everyone nodded except me "niall?"he questioned, i then nod my head,well i guess i have to try and not say anything to her. we drank beer,laughed,talked and had a lot of fun the rest of the night but i was still was thinking of skylar.


My moms still not home yet and its so boring here. i got off of my bed and put my shoes on it,it was eight a clock and i figured i would go over to the willers and hang out with faith, i knew no one else here so shes my only opition.  i slip my red toms and and walk over to the willers whos house was right next to mine. i knocked on the door and dave answerd. "aw skylar what are you doing here?"he asked with a smile "well my moms not home and i was wondering if i could hang out with faith." i say "ohh well she is taking a walk at the park and im not sure when she'll be back."dave says "oh well i guess i will walk to the park and go hang with her.' i smile "alirght skylar."dave says "also just call me sky please."i told him "sorry sky."he said i smiled and turned around. i was frezzing so i ran back to my house and grabbed my coat and phone, i slid my phone into my coat pocket and began to walk to the park. it wasent that far away about ten minutes away. when i got to the park i looked around and saw no one.where was she? i walked around still not seeing anything. i walked a bit further and heard loud laughter. i followed the laughter then i heard faiths laugh,it was loud and a bit high pitched.

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