they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


2. chapter 2

we talked for another two hours but the faith had to leave. i walked her to the door"bye." i said giving her a hug "bye."she said and walked out the door. i saw my purse lying on the hallway floor,i guess my mom must of found it in the car and placed it here. i picked it up and went to my room. i sat on the bay window and looked inside and found the book"the host." i have read this book once  but i have nothing better to do so i open the book and begin to read.i then hear a yell of laughter and look out the window to see the same five boys i saw before  but this time they were yelling...idiots. i rolled my eyes and continued to read. then i hear the door open and i run down to the hall to see my mom getting in "hey mom." i say "hey sky, a man and a huge truck will be here in two hours to bring all the furniture." my mom says, i nod my head."so what should we do?" i ask she shrugs her shoulder " i have no idea,"she says "well im starving so i think ordering a pizza sounds great." i attempt a wink but it just fails,my mom laughs "alright but whats the pizza number?"she asks " i can look it up." i say "but we dont have internent."my mom says "ohh ya." i say remembering,my mom nods "alright plan b we can just drive around and search for a pizza place.' i suggest "alright lets try that."she says, i smile and put my shoes on and go to the car. i sit in the passengers seat and moments later my mom goes into the drivers seat and she begins to drive around.after about forty minutes i saw a "ginos pizza" "mom! ginos pizza!" i yell happily "where?"she asks "right there!" i say pointing straight "alright."she says and pulls into it.we get out of the car and go inside"you can order what ever you want, i dont care."my mom says and i nod and walk to the front counter. "hi can i get a large cheese pizza?" i ask "sure coming right up.'he smiled and turned away. after a few minutes the pizza was ready and my mom and i went back to the car. i opened the box and took a slice, i took a huge bite and my hunger was finally settling down. my mom drove back to our house and we got out and placed the pizza on the kitchen counter and dug in. an hour and a half as passed and we just finished the pizza. "uhh i dont know what to do." i say "well you can go out and look around."my mom says "really?" i question "ya just be back in thirty minutes.""alright thanks." i say and run to th hall and put my red toms on and walk out the front door. the wind blows my hair but its nice. i begin to walk around town, looking at everything and then i find a music store and walk in,yes i love music too. as i walk in i see albums everywhere and i start to look around. i picked up emiens album and read the songs and then put it back. the door opened and then i saw the same five boys i saw before,god why do i keep seeing them? i look over at them as they laugh loudly, i roll my eyes. i walk up to the front desk and ask the boy who looks about in his twentys "do you know who those boys are?" i ask him,he smirks 'you must be new around here if you dont know who they are."he says "i actually am new so tell me." i tell him "that is liam,harry,zayn,niall and louis, the trouble makers of the town,if you dont watch them,they will steal anything they can get their hands on."he says looking over at them "oh i heard of them so thats them." i say the name liam seems like i have heard it from somewhere else but i cant put my finger on it."ya thats them."he says.  i stand by the counter glancing at them a few times. i move away from the counter and go back to the cds, i keep my head down not wanting the guys to talk to me.the boy i was talking to before walked up to liam,harry,niall,louis and zayn "are you thinking of buying that?"he asks them,he nod there head 'ya it seems like a good album."the curly haired one said with a rough british accent "well harry the counters over there so if you want it go there."he tells him,so now i am assuming the curly haired boy was named harry,the boy walks back to the counter and i watch them. the black haired one who was wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket whispard somthing into harrys ear and he laughed. i look away. then i see all five boys run out of the store "get back here!"the boy i talked to before yells as he runs outside, i also run outside and see that the boy is too slow,well if i have to build up a reputation here then heres my chance. i begin to run as fast as i could. i got past the sales boy and then continued to run until i reached the five boys."stop!" i yell at them,then suddenly out of my surprise they listen and turn around and smirk at me "give me the cd." i tell them,they laugh like i was joking "im serise,you stole that,now gove it back to me so i can return it." i say "why should we out ran the boy so i think we are safe."harry states with a smirk, i walk closer to him "really?" i question "i might be a girl but that dosent mean i cant kick your but." i tell him staring at him he laughs "really? then show me."he says still with a smirk planted on his face "do you really want me to?" i ask him with a smile he nods is head "alright.' i say,now truth is i am not the strongest person but back in canada once you said that the guy would back off but im not in canada anymore so i guess i actually have to know how to beat a guy. i then see the cd in his hand, i wait a few seconds before i attempt to grab it,wihch fails and he laughs along with the rest of them "shut up." i tell them, i build anger in me and punch harry in the stomach with all my force and he hunchs in pain, i take the cd quickly "i told you!" i yelled to them as i ran off laughing.i ran back to the music store and saw the boy working, i walked up to him "here.' i tell him passing him the cd "how did you.." i dident let him finish "i have my ways.' i smirk "thanks.'he said "no problem,those guys are complete idiots.' i laugh he nods his head in agreement"i better go." i say and turn to the door and open it and make my way home.


as i looked at this small girl thinking about how to get the cd the boys and i stole, i smile. this girl was all talk and no action. i looked oer at the boys and laughed and they joined in then suddenly i felt a pain in my stomach and i hunched over in pain, i look at the girl who has a smirk playing on her face,she takes the cd out of my hand and runs off laughing.the boys laugh at my pain "nice haz."louis laughs "shut up." i tell them "a girl actually hurt you."zayn laughs "in my defense i dident think she was going to punch my stomach.' i say "ya well now we just lost the fall out boys album."liam states 'sorry,we can go back and get it.'i suggest "ya right. do you really think the guy is going to let us back in there?" niall asks i shrug my shoulders. "lets just go."zayn says begining to walk,we all follow."so what are the plans tonight?" louis asks "is there a party tonight?"i ask "no the next one is in three weeks."liam states and i sigh "we could just have some beers and sit at the park?"zayn questions,we all nod our heads in agreement "alright."we say.we continue to walk and then we rech my house "alright i will see you guys tonight." i say "ya nine."zayn says and i nod my head. i close the door and i hear my stomach grumbling,i guess that means i am hunger. i go to the kitchen and grab a bowl of ceral and eat it. i cant stop thinking about that girl,the way she stood up to me turned me on,her light brown hair was flying behind her because of the wind and her thinking face was pretty cute, i have to say. if i ever see her again i need to make her mine.


when i finally get home, i see the furniture truck,shot im late!  i hurry into the house and see the house is filled with furniture that is bunched up. i look around to find my mom in the kitchen "mom im so sorry im late." i tell her "sky i told you to be back in thirty minutes but then you come back an hour later."she says "mom im sorry,somthing came up." i say "what came up skylar?!"she asked i could hear a bit of anger in her voice "that harry boy stole a cd from this music store and i had to get it from him so i ran after him and got the cd which took me a little bit." i say my moms eyes widden "you talked to those boys?"she asked i nod my head "but only because i was trying to help get the cd back from harry." i say "sky i told you i do not want you anywhere near those boys."she says sternly "you dont have to worry, i dont want to even stand beside then." i tell her 'alright i am going to forgive you this time but dont ever talk to those boys again but i am proud of you for getting the stolen cd back."my mom slightly smiles."is there anything i can help you with?" i ask her "nope they just finished bringing the boxes into here." she says i nod my head "so now we need to move all the furniture around?' i ask "yes and asemble the beds and tables."my mom smiles, i nod and start to help.

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