they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


10. chapter 10

I offer my hand to niall and he takes it gratefully. he slowly stands up but his balance is off. I cant help but look at his newly forming black eye and feel guilty.. "do you have a car?" I ask awkwardly, he nods while pointing to a silver old beat up Honda m', "alright." I state and steady him as we walk to the car. I let go when he is in the passangers seat and I move to the drivers. "uh where do you live?" I ask glancing at him as I put the keys in the ignition and turning it right. the car roars to life "on Lawrence street house twenty." he states I nod and begin to pull out. I drive slowly and trying to get used to the steering wheel being on the right side rather then the left side. "can you go a bit faster im kind of bleeding here." niall speaks up looking at me with a slight smile "sorry im not to sure how to drive here so no I cant go faster unless you want to crash." I state "why didn't you say I can drive, pull over." he says "no your all beat up." I say, he laughs a bit "ive been worse I can drive im fine." he says, I shake my head as I continue to go "do I just go straight?" I ask "turn right on the next street." he says, I nod. we drive in silence "are you alright?" I ask him as I turn into the street Lawrence "ya just a little pain but im good." he says "thanks for what you did back there, I don't know what I would of done if you hadn't stepped in." I say focusing on the houses along the street and looking at the numbers, "he deserved it, he  can be a douche sometimes." I scoff "you mean every second of each day?" I correct him glancing over quickly to him to see a ghost of a smile. I finally find house twenty and turn into the makeshift drive way. his house was falling apart white paint chips off and the bricks are falling out. it was a dump to be honest. I step out of the car and wait for niall to get out, he slowly limps over to the front door, and I feel incredibly sorry for him. "hey niall?" I call to him, he turns his head towards me "im really sorry you got hurt." I say while walking up to him "its not your fault. "he reassures me  "i know but i just wish you wouldn't of gotten hurt." i say with a frown "don't worry about it, that wasn't my first fight." he says as he opens the front door of his house. i follow his lead when he takes off his shoes and places them on a mat. inside the house wasn't much different to the front you could tell this house needed some repairing. "where's your parents?" i ask him " i live on my own." he states as he begins to walk somewhere which i just follow his lead. "you don't have to stay i can take care of myself." he says "i know but i want to help you its the least i can do." i smile at him. he opens a door that leads to a room with a simple bed and a wooden dresser. niall then falls to the bed and i watch as his eyes shut. "niall?" i question he slightly opens his vibrant blue eyes to me "hm." he says "wheres the washroom?" i ask he points to a room connected to the bedroom. i wak inside and grab a small white towel from the sink and soak it in water and ring it out. i look in his cabinets to search for a first aid kit which he doesn't  have, i sigh and grab the wet cloth and walk into his bedroom. i poke his back and he looks at me, "sit up." i say sternly showing him the wet cloth " im fine sky, i just need sleep." he says with his eyes slowly closing "does it hurt?" as hes about to answer i quickly add "honestly" "sort of, i guess." he says "sit up then." i say and he shakes his head slowly as he sits up slowly cringing a bit. i grab his left hand and see the blood and bruises on his knuckles.  slowly i dab the wet cloth over it to feel niall cringing at the touch. i clean the blood off and then do the same to the right hand. i open my purse up and grab my little first aid kit and i hear niall scoff at the sight of the little box "what?" i ask innocently "you carry  first aid kit in your purse?" he questions, i nod "im a klutz i need to take precessions." i shrug as i open the little box and grab the little pack of sterile wipes and rip the packaging open " this is going to hurt." i warn as i dab the wipe onto his cuts, he takes a sharp breath while putting his other hand onto mine but then quickly removes it "not so tough now hu?" i question as i grab the other hand a dab it with the wipe as i feel him tense up. after i finish that i then begin to think about the newly formed black eye. "do you have any ice?" i ask him, he shakes his head "any frozen things?" i ask "probably the kitchen is just out the hall and first room to your right." he tells me i nod and make my way to the kitchen. i go to the small white fridge/freezer and open up the freezer part and see a single box of vanilla ice cream, i take it and go back to his room while passing him the box.  "put it on your eye it will help the swelling." i say and he nods while placing a part of the frozen ice cream box to his black eye. "sky has anyone ever told you, you would make a great doctor?" niall questions i laugh "your the first one." i say while standing next to him. "so if you don't mind me asking why do you live alone?" i ask " parents kicked me out, said i was becoming out of control, so i found this place its not nice or anything but its livable." i nod "i would love to move out of my moms house." i tell him "why?" he questions "i don't know seems like an adventure." i shrug "it is one." he replies and I smile "so how are you feeling?" I ask "sore but il be fine." he says "good." I state. I sit on his bed at the edge and we watch television on his small tv in silence, a comfortable silence. "so why'd you move here?' he asks breaking the silence "uhh my mom wanted to start a new life so she decided to drag me along." I say he chuckles a bit "do you miss your life back home?' he asks " I nod "of course, it was simpler in Canada, nothing to worry about, no douche bag guys chasing me around." I shrug he laughs "oh come on I bet all the boys back in Canada chased you." I laugh at his statement "not at all, no boys would even take a second glance at me, my friend April had all the boys attention." I shrug "why is that?" he asks i shrug "im not very good at making friend let alone talking to guys." i laugh "well your talking to me." he points out "ya that's because im the one responsible for you getting beat by harry." i say "na i have been wanting to talk to you ever since i saw you with the guys." i smile a bit at his statement and push a piece of hair that has fallen in front of my face back..i stand up abruptly "well I better go." I say "you can stay." he states then adds "if you want.", "I don't want to overstay my welcome." I laugh "I don't mind its nice having someone here for a change." he shrugs and I smile a bit. theres a  loud bang at the door ringing through the small house,niall groans "do you want me to get it?" I ask,he shakes his head "just stay here." he sighs  he slowly gets out of his bed and I can see his body tense as one foot moves after the other. the banging on the door continues making me feel like the person outside of it is not happy. niall turns around and smiles at me before closing the door.  I can hear his footsteps getting farther and farther away until the quiet sound of his feet padding along the wood floor stops. I sit on his bed waiting for him to come back until I hear a booming voice "where is she?" I can decipher this slow British accent a mile away, harry. I get up and step quietly towards the door to try and hear what's happening "she's not here harry." I hear him say  "don't bullshit me." I hear harry growl "she dropped me off and left." niall says "what bullshit." he says "let me in." harry says and his volume is louder "did you go to her house?" niall asks him but I hear no response from harry instead I hear footsteps coming towards nialls room, where I am. I take four long silent leaps to the washroom and quietly close the door. "harry get out of here!" I hear niall yell "niall where the hell is she?"  he yells and I hear the bedroom door slam open. I hear heavy footsteps "harry!" niall yells "shut the hell up Niall,  I won't hesitate to punch you again." harry snarls and my heart beat races as harry turns the bathroom door knob wiggling it  a bit and he pushes it open. he sees me and guilt washes over his face "what do you want harry?" I spit at him "im sorry for pushing you." he states and walks closer to me "your drunk." I state smelling the slight liquor stench radiating off of him "im not I sobered up after you left." he says and I then notice his split lip and knuckles with dry blood.  "harry I think you should leave." niall says in the background and harry snaps his head over at him "she coming with me." he says grabbing my wrist but I pull away quickly "no im not." I say sternly looking into his eyes and quickly slipping out of the washroom and to nialls side. "niall." harry warns and niall looks over a me " I think you should go." he says sadly "are you  an idiot? im not leaving with him!" I panic "no I mean you should go home." he says quickly "no come on sky please let me just explain myself." harry pleads " harry im not angry at you. I just don't want you to ever talk or look at me again." I say and begin to walk over to the door slightly waving at niall "your clearly angry at me." he declares "no I just don't want anything to do with you." I snap and shove on my shoes  on and walk outside towards my car, but harry tugged on my wrist again causing me to spin around "what?" I ask harshly "im sorry for pushing you, please forgive me." harry begs "its fine." I say as I begin to pull my wrist out of his grasp "and im sorry for trying to force you home with me I wont do it again."he adds "can you do me a favor?" I ask him he nods his head "just please leave me alone alright?" I question "come on sky you know I cant do that." he sighs "why?" I ask "why is it impossible for you just to let me be. why wont you stop chasing me around and making a game out of everything, out of me!" I yell my anger boiling over me "do you think your a game to me?" he questions "because your not, your definitely not." he states and I roll my eyes "I need to go." I  open my car door and hop in starting it and driving home as soon as the keys were in the ignition.

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