Love leads To Loss

Love was just another word to Darcy, a 17 year-old girl who lived in Malibu, California and yearned for a normal life. She thought that love was unrealistic and it only lead o hearbreak and from her past experiences who could blame her? Love caused Darcy's mother to abandon her, her first love to dump her, and her best friend to leave her. Will she find her love or will her heart break form trying?


1. Love Leads to Loss

Darcy's p.o.v.

       "RIINNGGGG RIINNGGGG!", my alarm clock blared. Another day of being bullied I thought to myself while stripping and entering the shower. I picked ot a plain pink tee and a pair of turquoise skinny jeans. "Breakfast is ready, Darcy!", I could hear my dad yell from downstairs. My dad is the only living relative I know other than my mom, who left my dad and I for another guy and said that she loved him and never saw her since then. I walked down from my room and grabbed my bag on my bright yellow nightstand. "Thanks dad. I'm going to school now.", he smiled, " Well have fun and study hard!", he answered back.If only he knew that school was just the opposite of fun.

        "Hello Darcy", Adrian smirked, "Where are you going?". I ignored his question and walked faster the my class. "DON'T EVER WALK AWAY FROM ME WHILE I AM TALKING TO YOU!" , he screamed. The next thing I know I'm being held against the wall by two strong hands with blood dripping down the side of my face, and I can feel pain in my right eye. I could make out Adrian through my left eye and saw his fist rise. "RIINNGGGGG!", saved by the bell I thought to myself. " You're one lucky girl!", I heard him say as I ran to my ran to my first period class.

        It was soon lunch time and I retreated to my hiding spot, the auditorium. My school barely used i due to he fact that our budget was critically low, so I started going here every lunch to sing and play the old piano located in the middle of the stage. My best friend, Emma, was soon by my side. I used to have another best friend named Charlotte, but she left for London which was her hometown saying that she had to go because she loved it there. She never contacted me after the day she left so I did the same.

        Emma and I did what we usually did at lunch which was me singing and her playing her guitar or we both just eat. We sang different varieties of songs from the Rolling Stones to One Direction.

Adrian's p.o.v

       I was  walking around with y bro's, Christopher, Fernando, and Juanito. We were about to beat up this new kid until we heard the most angelic voice coming from inside the school auditorium. We quietly walked in ad sat in the seats to the back of he capacious building so no one could see or hear us. "Guys, who are they?", I heard Fernando say pointing to two girls giggling on the stage. "Excuse m-", I quickly covered Juanito's mouth while putting my finger over my lips to signal to be quiet. We quietly watched as one of them left with a guitar case with her and the other girl started to play the piano and sing "Hallelujah". I could see the boys stare at her in awe and I couldn't blame them she was amazing, but then I realized who it was.

Fernando's p.o.v.

       I stared at her until the song ended and I was glad she didn't see us, because I was sure that I was drooling. I saw guilt and anger inside of Adrian's eyes as he listened to the song. Chris and Juanito though, were smiling with love burning in their eyes. One could easily tell they like her too but I was the one who was going to win her heart.

Christopher's p.o.v.

       They had that look in their eyes warning me that I wasn't the only one who liked her, so it was not going to be easy to win her over.

Juanito's p.o.v.

       Stop staring I thought to myself but my eyes were glued to her. She was magnificent and had so much emotion in her eyes while she sang. I looked at the boys faces but then my knuckles tightened and I felt angry because their faces showed love and I couldn't afford to lose her and with that I said with to my best friends, "Let the games begin!", and by their faces they knew exactly what I meant.

Darcy's p.o.v.

       I finished my song and was about to grab my bag when I heard applauding from the auditorium seats and was horribly frightened at what I saw. He found me!


Sooooo, what did you think of my first chapter and comment who you think Darcy should be with?

I'm voting for Juanito, he seemed to really like Darcy's performance. #TeamJuanito

K.I.K. Jelly_Belly777

I'll try to update everyday. Love you guys!

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