Caught Up In Love

Mariah is just a normal girl in the world......Lost and doesn't know where life will take her,hoping that one day she will meet the one that she's been waiting for her whole life.....until she gets caught up in love.....


2. Meeting Him

I was walking home when I slipped on something watery, "OUCH!' I said painfully. Then I saw him running up to me, he was sort of tan with a hot British accent.  "Are you ok?" He said. '"Yeah, I think so I'm just bleeding a little bit that's all" "My name is Zayn" "Mariah...." We both smiled at  each other. "Uhhhh so do you want me to give you a ride or- I cut him off "Sure, I would love that" He smiled at me and I smiled back I couldn't be anymore obvious that I liked him....We got in his black Lamborghini with leather seats in it.

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