Caught Up In Love

Mariah is just a normal girl in the world......Lost and doesn't know where life will take her,hoping that one day she will meet the one that she's been waiting for her whole life.....until she gets caught up in love.....


4. Calling Him


I woke up feeling on top of the world! "Should I call him now?" I'm wondering if I should or shouldn't....Wondering if he would pick up or not. " I'll call him now." * RING RING* "Hello" he said with his morning voice. I could tell he just woke up by how he sounded. " Hi, its Mariah from last night." I said awkwardly. "Oh hey Mariah, how are you?" His voice automatically changed. "Good, how about you?" "Pretty good...hey would you like to come over and meet the boys this afternoon?" "Sure! Sounds great, how about around...2:00p.m?" "Yeah sounds great!" "Okay, see you at 2:00." I said with a smile growing on my face. " Alright I'll pick you up.....bye." " Okay Bye." I hung up and screamed " AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I ran out of the room getting my make-up from the bathroom and ran into my closet to find something to wear. It was only 12:45p.m. I took a shower for about 20 minutes, put on a light amount of make-up, and put on a cream colored short sleeve shirt with a thin gray jacket and blue skinny jeans with cream colored heels and jewelry to match. To top it all off I curled my hair with a gray bow in it. It was 1:56p.m and I heard Zayn honk the horn. I ran downstairs and climbed into the car. "WOW, you look amazing." He said smiling. "  Thank you." I said blushing. He turned on the engine and drove off to his house.

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