2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


1. Prologue

Peyton was walking peacefully back to her motel after she went out to drink off her pain--when she saw the shadow again. It was taller than her, whoever 'it' was, and from the looks of it, their hair was spiked up. Every time she saw the shadow, she immediately thought of Justin, but she knew it couldn't have been him. 

She decided to shrug it off because it was so nice outside. The sky didn't have one cloud in it, and the sun was setting. Sadly, she had reached her motel already. With a sigh, she made her way over to her room. Then, she noticed a figure leaning up against the wall. She dropped her beer. 

"Who's there?" She asked with not the slightest hint of fear in her voice. "Have you been following me?" 

The figure stood up straight for a moment. When they spoke, their voice startled her. "Yes. I have." 

Peyton scowled at them. "Why? Who are you, anyways?" 

They sighed and took a step forward, though they were still masked by the darkness surrounding them. "Don't freak out." 

Then, they revealed themselves, and Peyton passed out. 


OMG WELCOME TO BIEBER SEQUEL LAND OF AMAZINGNESS c: I was so sad when I had to end Bieber that way. but this sequel will make up for it. I know you guys will love it....hopefully. BUT ANYWAYS... this is the prologue to 'Shadows', the sequel to 'Bieber'. :)

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