2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


23. Number 3

No, this isn't a chapter. And no, there will not be anymore chapters because I tricked you guys c: Yes, that was the end. Chapter 20 is the last chapter of Shadows :'( *sits in a corner and cries for all eternity* 

I'm assuming you guys would like to know, why it's the last chapter. DON'T WORRY I'LL TELL YOU. Okay, so, the whole story line behind Justin finding out who has the money and why they want the money and him getting Peyton back is wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long to put into more chapters on this story. 

So, in case you hadn't noticed the name of this note "Number 3" can any of you guess what that means? :) 

that's right bitches. number 3. keep your eyes open because I am not done with this story and I'm continuing on with a third movella about it. YAYYYY PARTY TIME. 

And in the mean time, don't kill me, because I have a special weapon called NOT UPDATING. AND I WILL USE THAT WEAPON IF YOU KILL ME. Because, how can I update if I'm dead? 

Gimme some ideas for the name of the next movella, because I have no idea what it should be! And please continue to like, favorite, and comment on Shadows, and like and favorite Bieber (if you have the time) Because it's those likes and favorites and comments that get me motivated to write! You guys make me smile, and I love writing movellas for you to read. 

Love you guys! #Jeyton lives on ;) 

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