2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


8. Chapter 7

It was morning now, and Ryan, Ryan, and Peyton were all seated around the kitchen table talking about what they've been doing for the past four years. Turns out, Ryan Good's been trying to track Colton down, with no luck. He gave them some addresses that may lead them to Colton, but he wasn't positive that they'd work. Peyton had asked if he wanted to come with them, but he refused. Him and Ryan Butler exchanged some nervous glances before-hand, then asked Peyton to leave so they could talk. She tried to listen in on the conversation. It didn't work. 

With a sigh, she went to the spare room that she slept in the night before to pack her things and bring them out to the Range Rover. After that was done, she went back inside to say goodbye to Ryan Good. 

He was in the living room waiting for her. "Sad to see you leave so soon, kiddo."  

She gave him a hug. "I know. I'll call you if someone tries to beat me up." 

Ryan pulled away with a laugh. "You do that. But hey, Ryan's pretty good at beating people up." 

"Nah, he likes to beat people up with words." 

They both smiled and said goodbye again. Ryan shook Ryan's hand, and Peyton tried not to think about how confusing it was when they were together in the same room. Though they looked nothing alike, they were still both named Ryan. 

Once in the car and down the road, Peyton fell asleep. Again. 


"Are we there yet?" She shook Ryan's arm. He sighed.

"No, we aren't. Couple more miles." 

Peyton smiled and looked out her window again. There were palm trees and blue skies everywhere. She knew that they were in California now--they just hadn't reached L.A. yet. She kept asking Ryan the same question over and over again just to annoy him. 

"How about now?" 

"Peyton, shut up." 

"Are we there yet?" 

"Be quiet." 

"How much longer?" 

He looked at his wrist, just to mock her. "Five minutes." 

She nodded, excitedly. She was finally in California. She'd been dreaming of going to the states ever since she was five, and California would've been her first stop. Sadly, that hadn't happened until now. Nothing would ruin her day. 

Except for the fact that someone had been following them. Though, she didn't know. Suddenly the car stopped. In front of Peyton was yet another dingy motel. She didn't really care. They were finally in L.A. 

As they stepped out of the car she said: "Out of all the amazing places we could've stayed, we're staying here." 

Ryan put on his sunglasses. "Well, at least we have somewhere to stay."

Peyton shrugged and followed Ryan into the front office so they could get their room. Once inside, she immediately sat down on the chair by the door and waited for Ryan. He was flirting with the girl sitting at the desk, when someone else walked in. 

Her hair was startlingly red, that turned into blonde at the tips. She was tall, dressed in all black--for reasons unknown. It was about ninety degrees outside, who would want to dress in all black?--and she had hazel eyes. She's the most mixed-matched person I've ever seen, Peyton thought.

Ryan looked up from the girl at the desk with wide eyes. He quickly payed for two keys and rushed over to Peyton, passing the red-headed girl as he did so. He grabbed Peyton's upper arm and hauled her off of the chair. 

Once outside again, he hurried her over to where their rooms were and shoved her key at her, then disappeared into his room. Without any bags or anything, Peyton thought, what the heck was going on with him? She decided to knock on his door. 

"Go away," She heard him yell. With a sigh, she twisted the doorknob--not surprised at the fact that it was locked. 

"Ryan, what's wrong? Who was that?" 

"Nothing's wrong, and I had no clue who that was." Liar. 

"Okay, well, I'm going out." Peyton sighed, turning away from the door. As she started to walk away, it opened behind her. She spun around to look at Ryan, who was leaning up against the door frame. 

"Wait," He said "let me come with you."

Peyton crossed her arms. She raised an eyebrow. "Really? You've never wanted to come with me before." 

He shrugged. "Well, can I?" 

"Sure," She smiled. "This should be fun." 


Peyton looked over at Ryan, who took another sip of whatever he was drinking. Surprisingly, neither of them had gotten drunk yet. Which was somewhat satisfying. They were just talking. Like something normal friends would do. With a sudden pang of sadness somewhere in her heart, Peyton thought of Faith. She never would have done this with her--sit at a bar and talk about their problems. But Faith was dead. Nothing new there...

"I'm pretty sure I know who that was," Ryan said, breaking Peyton out of her reverie. 


"I know who that girl was, back at the motel office." He looked over at her. "That was Samantha, my old girlfriend." 

Peyton let out a little gasp. "No, maybe you're just seeing things. She couldn't just turn up by chance after so long,"

He stared at her for a long while before saying, "What a coincidence that would be..." He trailed off. "If only you knew." 

She cocked her head to the side. "If only I knew what?" 

Ryan shook his head, taking another sip of his drink. "I can't say. You'll probably find out soon enough, though." 

"Is it something...good? Possibly?" 

He turned to look at her again. "I'm not sure, Peyton. It depends on what you think." He brought a finger up to her head and tapped lightly on the side of it, making Peyton smile. "It's all up to you. To decide whether it's a good thing or not."

She sighed, twirling her glass around in her fingers. "I hate not knowing things." 

"Well this is something that you might not want to know. Though I guess we'll just have to find out."

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