2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


22. Chapter 20

Peyton caught herself with her hand over her mouth, staring at the three boys. The only resemblance that she saw between them was the smirk--oh my god, that annoying smirk of Colton's plastered on to two other boy's faces was like being put in to hell to burn for all eternity--and the strange, yet striking resemblance between Colton and Cooper; even though Cooper must have been about four years younger than Colton. Maybe Dakota was adopted, she thought. Or maybe he was just born with all of the good looks--because the last time she saw him, she never saw his face--but this time she bit her lip, trying not to say anything out loud about how good looking he was; especially since Justin was standing right next to her. 

Justin seemed more surprised than her. He had his arms crossed, eyebrows furrowed together, and nose wrinkled--like he was trying to forget the fact that Colton had basically duped them for days without knowing it, and now he was introducing his two brothers. It was like a nuclear bomb had gone off somewhere, somehow, because there was not just one of Colton--there were three of him. 

"Well," Cooper said, smirking. (To nobody's surprise). "Are any of you three going to say something?" 

Nobody bothered to say anything. 

Cooper sighed dramatically. "What, none of you saw that coming? Did you think that my brother just decided to forgive you that easily, Bieber? Did you think that we'd all forget about what you did?" 

Justin's jaw tightened. He un-folded his arms and pointed an angry finger at Colton. "You're all bastards. Your whole family. You always have been bastards. I suppose it's been passed down." His angry gaze swept over the three brothers.

Cooper shrugged. "Guilty."

Justin scowled at him. "Don't smart off to me, I could kill you any second--so I'd watch your mouth." 

Cooper laughed. 

"I don't regret killing your father one bit." Justin spat. "In fact, I should've killed your mother before you three were even born." 

Peyton made a choking noise in the back of her throat, and for a moment she thought she was actually choking--apparently, so did all of the boys, because they all looked at her with concerned faces (even the Prezlocki's)--but then she realized that she'd been biting her lip too hard, and the sudden taste of blood in her mouth surprised her. She bent her head, trying to avoid the stares she was getting, and slowly turned around so she was now wrapped in Ryan's arms. He stroked her back reassuringly. 

She heard Colton clear his throat. "Sorry to rain on your parade, Bieber, but that would've never been possible." 

"So what?" Justin growled. "I'll just have to settle for killing you all right now."  

Peyton turned around just in time to see Justin whip out the gun from his back pocket. She had no clue when he'd gotten it--but she knew he had his ways.  

Colton chuckled, as he slowly brought out his own gun. Peyton recognized something about it, then gasped, as she realized that it was Justin's gun, and it was pointing right at her. "You see," Colton said. "I had enough time to dig this out of the Range Rover before I purposely totaled it. I like to save valuable items, so they don't go to waste." He stroked the gun mockingly. 

Justin did a double-take. He looked at the gun in his hands, then back at the gun in Colton's, and back at the one in his again. It took a while, but he finally started to realize what Colton was doing. 

"Now are you catching on?" Colton asked. Peyton looked over at Dakota and Cooper, who were quietly sitting there--watching. "If you pull the trigger on that gun, I have time to dodge out of the way. But your poor little girlfriend won't have time, because she doesn't know how. Sometimes, having a gun that never misses its target, is a disadvantage." 

Justin said nothing as he looked at Colton with disbelief. 

"So," Colton aimed the gun at Peyton's chest. "You pull that trigger, I dodge out of the way, pulling my trigger as I do so, and down goes the girl. Unless--you're willing to bargain with me." 

Justin dropped his gun. "Bargain?" 

"Yes," Colton confirmed. "Now, before I tell you what it is, you have to agree to do it. Not that you'd have any other choice." 

Justin nodded in agreement. Colton smirked and whispered something into Dakota's ear, who was sitting beside him. Dakota nodded, and then got up, making his way over to Peyton. He grabbed her arm, dragging her closer to him. He smelled like cigarette smoke and vanilla. It was surprisingly calming, like she felt the sudden urge to just cuddle up next to him and take a nap--but it was also nerve wracking, like he was going to rape her or something. His lips tickled her ear as he whispered, "Don't scream. Now, or ever." She nodded bluntly in agreement. Then, he brought her over to where the two other Prezlocki boys were sitting. 

Justin's mouth parted slightly, and his eyes became darker. His gaze settled on Peyton. She shook her head at him when he noticed her glossy eyes and mouthed, Do what they want. He nodded, and she noticed his own eyes glaze over with tears. 

"Awesome." Colton said. "Alright, here's our proposition. Find the money, and give it to us. Then, we'll give you the girl back."

"But I don't know where any money is!" Justin protested. 

Colton started to make his way towards the kitchen, where the back door was. Dakota was still holding on to Peyton's arm and he jerked her towards the kitchen, followed by Cooper. Colton studied the gun in his hands before turning around to face Justin again. 

"Figure it out, Bieber." He smiled. "Find out who has it, because until then, Peyton stays with us." 

And suddenly, Peyton was shoved through the kitchen door, wondering if she'd ever see Justin again--for real this time. 

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