2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


16. Chapter 15

Peyton sat on Colton's couch with her legs draped over Ryan's. She was grateful that he was being a good friend right now, because she knew that he knew how hard all of this was for her. When Justin had walked in on her and Colton kissing, her heart basically shattered. But for some reason, she was starting to not feel bad about it. 

At least she had Ryan right now, because both Colton and Justin stormed out of the house after they'd made their agreement. She had no clue where they'd gone--and she didn't care either. 

"Ryan," Peyton whispered. 


"Do you hate me, for thinking that if we work with Colton that we could figure out what's going on?" 

Ryan looked at her sympathetically. "No, I don't hate you." 

"Then you're the only one." 

"Peyton," Ryan said. He rubbed her lower leg. "you're just confused, that's all. You don't know what's going on with your love life right now, and that's fine. Though, you should start to make a solid decision because you can't just jump between all three of us." 

"I know." 

Ryan nodded. They sat there in a comfortable silence while Peyton twirled a piece of her hair around her finger. After a while, Justin walked in, followed by Colton. Peyton immediately sat up. 

Neither of them said anything at first, but Peyton noticed that Justin's eyes were crossing and he looked tired. 

Finally, she broke the silence. "Is he totally wasted?" 

Colton smirked. "Yep. Thankfully I'm not a heavy drinker, so I was able to get him home. Now, I only have two spare rooms, so I'll be in one, Justin in one, and Ryan in one. Peyton, you get to decide who you want to stay with." 

"I should've known that somewhere, deep down, that you're still a little bit of a jerk." She glared at him. 

"Not a little bit," Colton corrected. "I'm still a jerk all around, I'm just being nice enough to work with all of you wonderful people." 

Peyton groaned and rolled her eyes. "Whatever. I'm staying with Ryan." 

Colton looked a little taken aback, but not as much as Justin who scowled at her and stumbled off to either the bathroom or his bedroom. Peyton didn't really care which one. 

To her surprise, though, Ryan said: "No, you're not staying with me. You're staying with Justin." 

"What?" She turned around to face Ryan. He got up from the couch and patted her on the back. 

"You're staying with Justin so you can work things out," He said. "And as for you," He nodded his head towards Colton. "thanks for letting us stay here, just don't get in the way of those two or I swear I will break your bones one by one." 

Colton held his hands up in mock surrender before agreeing to Ryan's terms. With another smirk he made it clear that he was heading off to bed, and so did Ryan, leaving Peyton alone in the living room. 

Now that they're both gone, she thought. I can just sleep in here. Nobody will notice. 

Sadly, her plans failed when Justin walked back into the living room. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Peyton tried hard not to make it look like she'd noticed. He rubbed his eyes and yawned before making his way over to her and picking her up, throwing her over his shoulder as he did so. She squealed with surprise and started to pound her fists on his back. 

"Justin," She whispered harshly. "Put me down!" 

"Afraid I can't do that, miss." He laughed. "We're going to bed." 

"Put me downnn," She groaned. Finally, Justin threw her down on the bed in one of Colton's spare rooms. She hastily got up and started for the door. 

"Don't leave." Justin said. Peyton looked over her shoulder, and noticed the pain behind his eyes. 

"I'm sorry, but I have to go do something." 

"Do you hate me?" Justin asked. 

Peyton shrugged. "I don't know how I feel about you Justin." 

"Well maybe if you stop sucking face with Colton, then you'll know." He spat. 

"Actually, that's a good point. Maybe I'll just stop sucking face with you so I'm not making Colton feel bad." 

With one last look over her shoulder, she opened the door and walked out, leaving Justin alone. She felt bad, and all she really wanted was to fall asleep next to him, but she knew it wouldn't be that easy. Peyton sighed and grabbed her coat that was draped over the couch. Right as she was about to leave the house, Colton suddenly appeared behind her. 

"Where ya going?" He asked, causing Peyton to jump. 

"Out." She said bluntly. Colton raised an eyebrow, then he grabbed his own coat and headed for the door. 

"Then I'll come with you." 

"If you insist." She muttered. 

"No, really, I kind of have to," He said as they started down the sidewalk. "I mean Justin's wasted so could he protect you from anything? No. I heard you two arguing, and then I heard you slam the door, blah blah blah. The point is I'm here now, right?" He put an arm around Peyton's shoulders and pulled her closer to him. 

"Sure." She said. "Whatever." 

"You know, I think Justin's actually a good guy. He's actually fun to hang out with, especially when he's drunk." 

"What are you saying?" 

"I don't know." He shrugged. "That I feel bad for trying to make his life a living hell. I mean, both of our parents are dead; I shouldn't have made a big deal about it. But when it comes to you, I don't know if I'm making his life hell, or if I'm relieving him." 

Peyton frowned. "What do you mean by that?"  

"I mean that I'm not sure whether Justin's happy that I want to be with you, or if he's totally angry." 

"Why would he be happy? He loves me." 

"But you don't love him." Colton pointed out. 

"I...I do love him, it's just complicated." Peyton wiggled her way out of Colton's arm. 

"What," He said. "so you're just using me to get Justin out of your mind?"

Peyton shrugged. "I suppose. If you want to put it that way." 

Colton stuck his hands in his pockets and smirked. "I don't care if you're using me or not, I just like you. You're amazing, so how can I resist?" 

Peyton rolled her eyes and said nothing. They continued to walk--to who knows where--it was just nice to be with Colton at the moment, aside from the fact that he was being a jerk, but that was just his normal self. Finally, they arrived at some kind of bar, but they didn't go in. Colton pulled her aside to a small alleyway and pushed Peyton up against the wall. 

"I should've known that you were behind all of this." She said. 

Colton raised an eyebrow. "I'm not, trust me. It's just, when I want you so bad, how could I contain myself inside of that building?" 

Peyton smiled. "You're impossible, you know that right?" 

"Yes." Colton shrugged, then he smashed his lips on to Peyton's. She ran her fingers through his dark brown hair and thought of Justin--though she knew it was wrong. She smiled as he kissed her, because she enjoyed it. Sadly, it didn't last long. They were interrupted by a voice. 

"Aw, how adorable." 

They both looked up abruptly. Peyton dropped her hands so they were now rung around Colton's neck. Colton tensed up and pulled Peyton in closer. 

The person standing before them was merely a shadow. Neither of them could make out their face, but Peyton figured the person was a guy, from the hair. He was tall, too. Peyton wished that every boy she met wasn't ten million feet taller than her, she always felt short--even if the guy standing in front of her was just a shadow. 

"Who are you?" Colton asked, his grip on Peyton still tight. 

The guy stuck out a hand mockingly, but Colton didn't shake it. "I'm Dakota, and I look forward to seeing you two again, just next time, bring Justin too." 

And with that, he left, leaving Colton and Peyton standing in the alleyway, holding on to each other like their life depended on it. 

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