2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


12. Chapter 11

"Justin, where did you get that?" Peyton pushed him off of her. She scrambled into a sitting position, keeping her gaze on his back pocket. 

He looked at her, his eyebrows creased together. "Get what?" 

"That." Peyton's arm lifted; she pointed to the gun. Justin slowly turned his head to look at what she was pointing at. He grabbed the gun, and sat up--staring at it. It was his gun. And it wasn't in his back pocket an hour ago. 

"I don't..." Justin stuttered. "I have no idea, I thought you had it." 

"I did have it." She said. "How did it end up in your pocket? Unless you were planning something..." 

"No, no, no. I promise I wasn't planning to do anything. I swear. But how it ended up in my pocket--I have no idea."

Peyton hugged her knees. "I don't believe you." 

Justin looked over at her with shock in his eyes. They stayed that way for a moment. Then, he shook his head and denied the fact that he was lying. Though...Peyton knew. She knew Justin, and she knew he wasn't telling the complete truth. 

"Tell the truth Justin, or I swear I will walk out of this room and tell Ryan to take me back to Georgia. If you continue to lie to me about important stuff, then I don't want anything to do with you." 

Justin glanced at the gun, at Peyton, then back at the gun. With a sigh he muttered, "Sorry." 

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Peyton cupped a hand to her ear. 

"I said, sorry. I found it in the car, and it's mine, I hope you know that. So I took it. You weren't really supposed to see." 

Peyton frowned. "And what were you planning on using it for?"

"Nothing." Justin said, rather quickly. 

"Justin," Peyton glared at him. "You thought that since you knew where to find Colton, you could go out and kill him yourself so I wouldn't get hurt." 

Justin shrugged. Peyton smacked his leg. 

"Ow," He groaned. "What was that for?" 

"For thinking that you could do that! That's crazy, Justin. I know you're just trying to protect me and all but I came on this trip to do it myself. Not to have you not be dead and then put yourself at risk for actually getting killed." 

"I guess. But at least now I know you still care..." He smirked, causing Peyton to smack him again--before he crawled on top of her and started to tickle her. 

She laughed. And they kissed. But they never really got any of the sleep that they were there for in the first place. Which is unfortunate, because for what was going to happen to them tomorrow--they're going to regret not sleeping. 


The morning wasn't that bad. It was pretty warm outside, and Peyton wasn't feeling too tired. She held Justin's hand as they walked to the car. She had to admit, it was still really really really really--really weird to have him actually right next to her after so long. But she liked it well enough to accept it for the moment. 

Ryan appeared from his room, and came around to join them. "Morning." 

Peyton gave him a friendly smile and Justin nodded. Ryan eyed them for a moment, before getting into the car. Justin sat in the back because Peyton thought he didn't deserve the passenger seat. It was basically her and Ryan's car now, more than it was Justin's car. She would've sat by him, its just she felt like Ryan was being neglected--even though it had only been one night. 

"How am I supposed to tell you where to go from back here?" Justin pouted. 

Peyton craned her neck around so she could see him. She smiled. "Just try your best." Then she stuck out her tongue to annoy him. He gladly returned the gesture. 

"He has a point though," Ryan said. 

"Yeah, whatever. But he can't really be seen, can he? Everybody thinks he's dead. Well, some of us thought that." She glared at Justin by craning her neck again. Justin mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' before saying anything again. 

"Oh well. I can manage from back here." said Justin. 

Peyton giggled. She leaned back on her chair, closing her eyes as she did so. She and Justin didn't really get much sleep, so she felt exhausted. Justin must have noticed, because he was asking her if she wanted to crawl into the back so she could lean on him to sleep. 

"Why are you so persuasive?" She found herself saying--as she crawled into the back with him, leaving Ryan alone in the front. He didn't seem to mind though. She buckled up again and now leaned her head against Justin, instead of the hard leather seat up front. 

"I don't know, because you love me?" He suggested. 

She tried to act like she was really thinking about that. "No," She said. "I don't think that's it." 

Justin scowled, then started to unbuckle her seat belt. 

"Justin, what are you doing?" 

He grabbed her by the waist, causing her to squeal with surprise. Then, he pulled her on to his lap--not bothering to buckle up again. 

"Justin, we're going to die because of your stupid boy cravings." She said, though she didn't mind his gesture at all. 

He shrugged. "Whatever. You still love me, I know you do." 

"Like I said before...I don't think so." Peyton joked. Justin kissed her on the cheek. 

"No drama or rape back there, got it?" Ryan said. Peyton rolled her eyes and Justin started giving Ryan directions to the hotel that he found. She was well aware of his hands gripping her waist--and she didn't really mind either. Some part of her was sad that they didn't really do anything special last night, but the other sane part of her was saying, It's fine. He's technically been dead for a while. Why would you want to do that right when he comes back? Suddenly, she felt Justin's hands tighten around her. 

"What's wrong?" She noticed the worried look on her face. He licked his lips, then proceeded to carefully pull Peyton off of his lap. She frowned. "Seriously, will someone tell me what's wrong?" 

"Peyton, look." Ryan said from the front. 

They had pulled over to observe what was going on. The hotel that Justin had mentioned before--was on fire. Red-orange flames danced across the lawn, poured out from the windows, and through the door. It was the biggest fire Peyton had ever seen. All three of them quickly made their way out of the car and over to where the authorities were standing. 

"Sorry kids, you guys are going to have to move back." The rather large police man told them. 

Peyton ignored him. "Who did this?" 

The police officer looked dramatically towards the burning building, then he addressed Peyton again. "We're not sure, young lady. But you're just going to have to stand back for your own safety." 

Justin seemed to register that someone was talking to her, because he grabbed her upper-arms and pulled her back--glaring at the police officer as he did so. 

"Is there anybody in there?" Ryan curiously asked. 

"Like I said before, we're not really sure at this point. Please get out of here, kids." 

They stayed put. Eventually the police man started to ignore them. Peyton shrugged out of Justin's grasp, and Ryan stared, glossy-eyed at the building. 

"Ryan, what's wrong?" Peyton placed a hand on his shoulder. He pointed a shaky finger at the door. 

"Look," He said. "look who they're rolling out." 

Peyton squinted her eyes, trying to get a good look at who it was. But she didn't need to. The stretcher rolled over to where they were standing. Ryan winced at the sight, and Peyton started to feel bad for him. 

Lying on the stretcher--was Ryan's old girlfriend, Samantha. And she was burnt all over. Peyton gasped, Justin grabbed her and pulled her into him. She hid her face in his shirt, not wanting to look. Though, she could hear Ryan and Justin talking. 

"Oh my gosh," Ryan said. "What happened?"

Peyton didn't know if this was her mind playing a trick on her, but she thought she heard Samantha say, "He did it. And he's alive, he's alive. I didn't know who he was, he mentioned you. He's alive." 

With that, the paramedic's rolled her away to the ambulance. Peyton took her face away from Justin's shirt then, and cautiously glanced at Ryan. 

"Colton's alive," Ryan rolled his fingers into a fist. "But I want him to be a dead man." 

Peyton nodded. She looked over at Justin and said, "No worries, Ryan. Colton will be a dead man." 


Ermagerhd sorry for the confusion earlier...I accidentally posted this and I guess it never went away and it wouldn't let you guys read it. Sorry about that. Anyways...I posted something new called Contest Crasher. If y'all are interested in checking that out, please feel free to do so. Love youuu♥ (:

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