2: Shadows

Peyton is done being depressed. It's been four years since her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, was shot by a guy named Colton--and now, all she wants to see is Colton, dead. Though, the familiar shadows are distracting her, because they all remind her of her boyfriend. What happens when she finds out that she was right, all along? And what happens when more shadows get into the picture? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


18. Author's Note

Hey guyyyysssss! :D How's it goin? Omg so I've updated like five times today which makes me feel so proud of myself that I actually had the motivation to update that much. ITS JUST, THIS STORY IS SO FUN TO WRITE EVEN THOUGH I'M LIKE MESSING UP THE BALANCE OF EVERYTHING. Cause you know, Peyton and Justin are fighting and Peyton's like "omg Colton be mah badboi" and then there's Ryan sitting awkwardly in the corner like "hi" AND now there's Dakota and Cooper like wtf where'd all these boys come from? 

at least there's Samantha. but she doesn't count. I love mah boys. :[ 

Anyways, if any of you are confused about what's happening, I don't blame you, because I added new characters and Colton's not that bad anymore, (other than the fact that he's still a jerk), and Peyton and Justin aren't together at the moment :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''( In my head I'm like crying waterfalls because of it but meh. 

I hope you guys are enjoying it so far! Yeeee♫ 

And look at what I madee o;


Okay, I'm going to work on the next update now, so enjoy your eye-candy while you wait c; 

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