I'm in love with my best friend

Lindsay Horan and Miranda collins are the best of friends. Nobody could ever break them up. They tell each other everything. Well... Almost everything.. What happens when Lindsay finds out that Miranda has a secret... A secret that could change their friendship.. Will it?


5. Telling Nikk

Nikk's POV

I could not believe what Miranda just told me. There was no way.... Here's how it went.

We were sitting in English class, laughing after the daily insults between Lindsay and Andrea. Lindsay really nailed her this time.

The bell rang and we walked to lunch.

"I need to run to my locker real quick, save me a seat." Lindsay said running towards her locker, i turned to see Miranda staring at her as she ran away. "I need to talk to you." She said, in between her chokes for air. 

She looked really nervous, and i didn't know what it was. Lindsay's right.. There IS something going on with her.

"What's wrong?" I asked finally after she was done dragging me to the empty area in the hallway.

"You have to swear, you won't tell anyone. ANYONE!" She said, extremely sternly. But she looked like she was about to cry.

"I swear, I won't tell anyone. Not even Lindsay." I said smiling and putting my hands on her shoulders to let her know i was serious.

"Okay... Here goes nothin'....." She said shakily.. And the next six words that came out of her mouth literally shocked me to no end.. Okay i'm exaggerating a bit but still.....

"I... I have a crush... On.... L-Lindsay...." She said, and that's when the tears came pouring out of her eyes. She wasn't kidding.. She never cries when she kidding.

I hugged her as tightly as possible while she cried and i kept an eye out for Lindsay to come back. I calmed her down some by talking to her about it. "How long have you felt like this?" I asked, trying to keep the tears from spilling.

"S-since last summer.. When I got dared to kiss her during that stupid truth or dare game.." She said, choking out her words. It made me want to cry because i was there when it happened..

I heard foot steps and jumped up and dragged her into the lunchroom, just as Lindsay came walking around the corner. It was a good thing that she had calmed down by then, and just looked really tired. I wasn't done talking to her yet.

I was still trying to process what happened as well... I also didn't know whether to tell Lindsay or not... I chose to not right now and just see what happens... I leaned over and whispered before Lindsay came over to the table, "You need to tell her.."

  I don't know if it was good advice or not really at this point...

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