I'm in love with my best friend

Lindsay Horan and Miranda collins are the best of friends. Nobody could ever break them up. They tell each other everything. Well... Almost everything.. What happens when Lindsay finds out that Miranda has a secret... A secret that could change their friendship.. Will it?


27. My baby's back:P

Lindsay's POV

I woke up and groaned, figuring this would just be another boring day..

But then my mind snapped to reality and I smiled.

Miranda was off of grounding today.

I looked at my phone and texted her.

L-Hey baby:)

A few seconds later I got a text back.

M-I'm coming down the side walk:)

I bolted outside, wearing nothing but my pajamas, i don't really care though.

I looked down the sidewalk and saw Miranda standing there with her arms wide open.

"Miranda!!" I screamed.

I sprinted and jumped into her arms, wrapping my legs around her waist and my arms around her neck.

I kissed her cheeks, whispering small things to her in between kisses.

She planted a soft and really passionate kiss on my lips and I smiled, kissing back.

We pulled away when we couldn't breathe any longer.

"I missed you" I said as I put my feet back on the ground.

"I missed you too." She said, giggling.

I took her hand in mine and we walked back into my house.

... I think you can guess what happened next..


~*~Mature content~*~


Miranda's POV

I could hear her panting as I kissed across the line of her underwear.

I pushed 2 of my fingers against the wet spot of her underwear and heard her moan loudly.

I giggled and pulled my head away and let my hand do the work, watching her mouth make an 'O' shape as she moaned. It was so sexy. I guess couldn't resist it any longer.

I continued with my hand against her, closing my eyes to listen to her

 I opened my eyes and looked at Lindsay who was staring at me wide eyed and biting her lip. Her face was bright red.

"Miranda.. Oh.." She groaned as I pressed harder against her, smiling as her eyes fluttered closed again and I continued on.

Her heart was beating faster and faster as I watched her arch her back and moan loudly. 

After opening my eyes I saw Lindsay looking at me, once again, eyes wide open and her cheeks bright red.

She took my hands and pulled my down next to her.

I smiled as she gave me small little kisses on my nose and lips.

She tugged lightly on my bottom lip when I started to drift off, I'd gotten up really early today.

I growled and she giggled, nuzzling her face into my chest.

I smiled and gently rubbed her lower back, which was really soft and smooth. Actually, most of her skin is soft and smooth, except for the bottom of her feet. Which is from riding a longboard(skateboard for those who don't know) barefoot for all of those years, and because she spends quite a bit of time on the tumbling mats.

Oh that reminds me

"Hey.. Are you still gonna keep being a gymnast or just stick with soccer again?" I asked as she pulled her head back.

"Ummm... I don't know, but crap... I have a soccer game tomorrow... Ugh. Are you going with me? I mean... I would love some encouragement." she said, giggling and planting another kiss on my bottom lip.

"Of course, baby I've always gone to your games, even before you were dating." I said smiling, "And why do you keep kissing me like that?"

"Oh... I'm sorry.. Am I being too clingy.. I'll stop if you want me to.." she said, looking down in between us.

"No don't. I just wanted to know why?" I asked again, holding her closer.

"Okay.. Well I don't want to lose you again so I'm just making sure that there's a spark." She said, smiling and biting her lip.

I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"What if I told you I didn't feel a spark?" I said, looking into her eyes.

Legit, her face went from happy to nervous and upset.

"I... I would probably kill myself." She said.

 I tilted her chin up with my finger and kissed her lips softly.

"Good thing I always feel the spark then." I said giggling.

She buried her face back into my chest and I smiled, rubbing her back again softly until she was bored and we went to the movies and saw 'Mama'.

At one point during the movie, the creature popped out the wall and everyone screamed, including Lindsay.

She was scared, I could tell because she buried her head into my neck and I felt her hand hold mine even tighter. And I could feel her heart pounding.

And at another point later in the movie, the thing popped out of the closet and everyone including her screamed again.

She jumped into my lap and buried her face into my neck again, I heard her sniffle.

She likes scary movies but gets scared very easily by them.

But she's sat in my lap during a movie and nuzzled her head into my neck before we even started dating.

It was just something that she did. I guess I make her feel safe.

I smiled at the thought of that and leaned towards her ear and whispered, "It's okay Lindsay.. It's just a movie. You'll be alright."

I felt her heart rate slow slightly and felt her smile into my neck, planting small kisses on the area.

Later after the movie we went back home and went to bed.

Well it was more like me holding a terrified Lindsay until she fell asleep.

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