I'm in love with my best friend

Lindsay Horan and Miranda collins are the best of friends. Nobody could ever break them up. They tell each other everything. Well... Almost everything.. What happens when Lindsay finds out that Miranda has a secret... A secret that could change their friendship.. Will it?


8. Help from a friend

Miranda's POV

I cried.. After she left of course.. I invited Nikk over and he came bursting into the room.

"Oh my god! Miranda I'm so sorry!!!" Nikk said, holding me as tightly as he could.

"We were so close to kissing.." I cried.. His shirt had to be covered in tears, but he didn't really care.

"If it makes you feel better, and I'm sure it will. She texted me and told me the whole thing. She said that she kinda wanted to kiss and see what happened. You'll just have to try again. Bad things happen for a reason child. Don't beat yourself up over it. But she doesn't know you like her. She just thinks it kinda happened... Out of the blue." He said, and he pulled out his phone and showed me.

I wanted to run over to her house and just kiss her.. Right in front of everyone..

"Thank you... For helping me.. I'm really happy i have you as a friend." I said smiling.

He left a little while after that.

I got a text around 9 o'clock. It was Lindsay.

L- Heyy, wanna come over tomorrow after school. I'd really like to see you:)

My heart was beating faster than ever... I almost screamed.

M- Totally, I'll see you in the morning? Nikk is taking us to school with him right.. lol

L- Yeah totally. See you tomorrow.

I was giggling like a schoolgirl... I know.. I think i'm in love...

Lindsay's POV

Oh totally looking forward to tomorrow. I think it should be my turn to do the talking.

Well.. There probably won't be much talking.. If she doesn't freak about it..

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