I'm in love with my best friend

Lindsay Horan and Miranda collins are the best of friends. Nobody could ever break them up. They tell each other everything. Well... Almost everything.. What happens when Lindsay finds out that Miranda has a secret... A secret that could change their friendship.. Will it?


18. Getting her license

Lindsay's POV

I woke up and found myself in a... Different situation.

 I was sweaty, and I was naked.

And I couldn't be happier.

I opened my eyes and saw tan skin in front of me. It was soft and warm, I smiled, burying my face in it. Then the entire night before settled back into my memories and I smiled widely, hugging Miranda as tightly as I could.

She groaned and kissed the top of my head. "Good morning." She said as I pulled my head back and smiled widely at her.

I just giggled and she kissed me softly and passionately.

I smiled as she pulled away, then I remembered the door was locked.

"Could you possibly go and unlock the door?" I asked, sticking my bottom lip out.

She sighed," Alright." And she walked over and unlocked the door.

I walked into the bathroom and Miranda followed me.

What... We needed a shower.. We were both sweaty from our.. 'activities' last night.

We made out in the shower, of course, then after we finished actually taking a shower, we got dressed and dried our hair.

Then we decided to face mom.

We walked down the stairs, holding hands and sat down at the table with her and Niall.

"Good morning girls. How did you sleep?" She asked, staring me down like a hawk. She knew.

I summed up all of my awesome lying skills. And I looked at her with a confused look and said, "Just fine."

"That's good, so what are you planning on doing today?" She asked.

"Uhh... Today's the day you're supposed to take me to the dmv.. I'm 16, and it's been a year since my learners permit. so." I said now becoming nervous at the fact that I was going to be taking my drivers test.

"Oh! I almost forgot!" She said, jumping up to grab her keys.

"Are you going too Miranda?" Niall asked, p"I would think you would want to stay together" He was whispering now." for the day after your little night last night."

My face had to be bright red and Miranda's was as well.


~*~ 2 Hours later~*~

Lindsay's POV

"Congratulations! You passed by a landslide." The dmv lady said handing me my papers for my drivers license.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you! Yes!" I screamed.

 I turned around and saw Miranda holding out a small bouquet of flowers.

I hugged her smiling. Today has been going amazing so far.

"So you want to drive home?" My mom asked.

"Uh.. Nah, there's a small distraction in the car." I said, giggling and poking Miranda in the arm.

Finally I got my actual license and we went out to the movies to celebrate, Liam, Nikk, Miranda, and me.

We got back from the movies and Miranda stayed the night.

I am possibly the happiest teenager ever!

I have my drivers license. I have an amazing relationship. And I have the most amazing friends and family.

I'm loving life right now.

"Goodnight." Miranda whispered as she wrapped her arms around me from behind.

"Can we hold hands at school tomorrow?" I asked, my nerves making my voice shaky.

"If that's what you want. I'll do anything for you." She whispered kissing the back of my head.

"Good. Then goodnight." I said, falling asleep.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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