I'm in love with my best friend

Lindsay Horan and Miranda collins are the best of friends. Nobody could ever break them up. They tell each other everything. Well... Almost everything.. What happens when Lindsay finds out that Miranda has a secret... A secret that could change their friendship.. Will it?


13. Best. Date. Ever

Lindsay's POV

"Where are we going?" I asked as Miranda dragged me down the street

We'd been dating for almost two months now.. Somehow we've been able to keep it a secret..

Well.. Except from Nikk, Liam, and my brother

 "It's a surprise. Now close your eyes." She said, covering my eyes with her hands.

We walked through a small forest for a few minutes then she uncovered my eyes.

There, sitting before us, was a beautiful lake. Miranda walked down and disappeared behind a tree.

"Miranda?" I asked.

She came back out a few moments later, wearing a bathing suit and holding a basket.

"What are you..." I asked..

"You coming?" She asked walking down towards the shore.

"W-Wait for me!" I yelled, running after her. No wonder she wanted me to wear a bathing suit.

We sat down on the blanket that was in the basket. Basically it was a picnic, when I was looking out at the water, she pulled a flower out and handed it to me.

"I love you Miranda.." I said, laying my head on her shoulder.

"I love you too." She said, pulling me into her lap.

"C'mon. Let's go down to the water and 'have some fun'" I said, giggling. I jumped up and ran down to the water. I walked in about waist deep and turned around, only to see Miranda chasing after me.

We both splashed around for a while before the sun started to go down. We sat on the blanket and watched the sunset.

"Miranda?" I asked There was something I needed to ask.

"What is is babe?" She asked, turning to look at me.

"Well.. We've been dating for two months already... And we've been really close to doing certain things... I just wanted to know what you think about that.." I said.. I was shaking.. I regretted saying it the second it left my mouth.

"I... It's just... We're so young.." She said..

Tears started falling from my eyes, "I didn't mean it like that.. I just wanted to know... I shouldn't of said anything... I'm sorry.. I... I need to keep my mouth shut from now on.." I said, crying. I buried my face in my hands and started sobbing.

"LINDSAY DON'T BE LIKE THAT!! Of course I want to.. It's just, I know neither of us are ready. I don't want to hurt you or make you upset.." She cried, grabbing me and pulling me into her lap.

I just sat there for a few moments before leaning forward and kissing her.

Miranda's POV

I was ready.. Well sorta. But I knew Lindsay wasn't.. Even if she said she was.. she wasn't..

she kissed me and I wrapped her up in my arms. She was sitting in my lap, and her legs wrapped around my lower back.

A few moments later she had me on my back and she was kissing my stomach.

"Lindsay. Please. You're not ready... And neither am I.." I said in between gasps.

She pulled up and layed down next to me. "I'm sorry.." She said.

She curled up next to me and we fell asleep. yeah, on the shore of the lake.

Lindsay's POV

Best. 2 month anniversary. Ever.

Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

I love her so much...

'I'd do anything for you...' I thought to myself before falling asleep.

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