More Than a Fan

Alalah Moment, just your average Directioner who moved to London for the summer with her bestfriends, Devan, and Megan. Just so happens she runs into someone she truly adores, One Direction. Will there be love down the rode? OF COURSE! Read to find out.
Have fun!!



*Alalah's P.O.V.*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock playing beautiful music by One Direction. I jumped up and danced around while I got  my clothes for after my shower, then turned my alarm off. I picked out my teal shirt with a red heart on it, jeans, and my underwear with my bra. I took my clothes off and took a shower.

After my shower I put my outfit on. Then put on my fake red nerd glasses. I got downstairs to see my mom waiting for me with my bags. "OHHH Thats where my bags went!" I stated dumb founded. "Hurry the car is here!" she yelled at me handing me my bags. Heres the thing, I'm leaving to go to London. So I think your pretty caught up now. "I'm going. BYE!!!!!" I screamed. "LONDON HERE I COME!!" Then I busted out laughing at yselfs, of course the driver gave me a look. After an hour of driving we came to the airport. We got on and i pluged in my earbud to my I-Pod touch and put them in my ears. After listening to a bunch of music I fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the flight attendant saying "5 minutes until we land please fasen your seat belts". I groaned awake

Once we were out of the plane I started running around outside. "I JUST RELIZED SOMETHING!!" I screamed "I RELIZED I COULD FIND ONE DIRECTION HERE I SHALL SNIFF FOR THEM!!!!!".  "Well if its like in fan-fiction Harry smells like pepermint Louis smells like cotton candy Niall smells like Nandos Liams smells like nice soap and Zayn smells like hair products!". I told myself. Then I went to find a cab.i found one and ask for the closest hotel. He brought me and I payed the man. "Hello welcome to Hyatt Hotels how may I help you." A lady at the front desk asked way to nicely. "Yes we would like a room" I said nicely. She gave me a key and told me wat room on what floor. I walked up to see beautiful room that was HUGE! "Woah" was all we managed to say. "TIME TO MAKE THIS PLACE COMFY!" I screamed out diging in my bags for my three posters, Got them and put two of them near one sie of my bed them the other one on the inside of the door. then i blasted my I-Pod playing One Direction [of course] then spent the whole day making my room comfy then collapsing asleep.

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