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7. For: Olivia

I was walking on the beach until someone bumped into me making my fall on my butt."Oww" "OMG I'm so sorry." I looked up and say a boy with ray bans and a snapback. " Here let me help you up" he held his hand out and I grabbed it. He helped up and I brushed my butt. "I am so sorry I was running an-" " Its ok" I said looking up I pulled my long thick brown hair to the side. " I'm Olivia" "I'm uh um J-Justin" "ok" " Can I get you a drink" " Uh sure" I followed him to a starbucks and sat down at a little booth. A few minutes later Justin came with two drinks. "I got you a strawberry smoothie is that ok" "Yea its fine" We sat down and drank our smoothies and just chatted. I looked up and saw his glasses were off and I saw his beautiful hazel eyes and him looking into my bright blue eyes. I smiled and blushed and looked away. "You have beautiful eyes" Thanks" I blushed even more and looked down. I felt fingers go under my chin and picked it up and it made me look up into his eyes. "Don't hide that beautiful face from me" with a perfect simile showing his perlie whites. I blushed again. "You know your when you blush" and the rest of the day we talk and got to know each other better.




A/N: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I haven't update I never had I had a death in my family and had t get ready for when school start and I am completely sorry plz don't kill me ill be update some tonght and tomorrow I am soo sorry.

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