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2. For: Margaret


"JUUUSSSTTTIIIINNN", I screamed from the top of the stairs. "Yes baby" Justin said walking up the stairs. "Can we please play boxing please Justy" I said. "I don't want to hurt you babe" he said while putting his hands around my waist. "PLEASE" I said with a puppy dog face. " Fine, but those hazel/ brown eyes are always get me" he said while giving me a kiss. "YES" I said and Justin just still stands there laughing at me. "What" I said confused. "Nothing"  he said with a smirk. " Ok well lets go" I said while I run to the backyard. " Oh come back here" Justin said while running after me. I just smirk att him and keep running. "Margaret I'm going to get you" he said while running faster. I run faster and when I get to the back door. It was locked "Crap" I hurried up and tried to unlock it as fast as I can. I felt arms snake around my waist " Gotcha" Justin said while using one of his hands to unlock and open the door. He kissed the top of my head and let go of me. I grabed his hand and said " Come on you scared your going to get your ass beat by a girl". "Pssh no" he said with a wierd look on his face. I pulled my long brown curly hair in a poney tail. Once we started I WAS winning but Justin started to get stronger. He bent down grab my feet and my back and laid me down on the ground. " HEY what was that for" "I don't want to hurt you baby". Then he bent down and kissed me. " I love you baby forever" I love you too Justy.


A/N: Well this is my first images for Margaret hope u like it and don't forget to comment if u want one. And don't forget to like and favorite thanks.

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