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3. For: Laurn


"Baby can we go to the beach" I said while jumping onto Justin's lap while he was on his phone. He smirked and put his phone down and put his hands around my waist. "Of course baby anything for you" he said with a wink. I smiled and pecked Justin's lips and ran upstairs. I got my bathing suit on its a white strapless bikin with ruffles on the top and put on some booty shorts and a tanktop. Then Justin opened the door with a smile he went up to me and put his arms around my waist and kissed my. His hands found his way to my butt and squeezed and he smirked. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. He went and grabed his swimming trunks and went into the bathroom. I pulled my long brown hair into a bun and went into the closet and grabed my flipflops. Justin came out and grabed two towels andn grabed my hand and walked down stairs. We both grabed out phones and he grabed his keys and we walked out to his Fiskler. He opened my door for me I got in then he got in his side.

When we got to the beach Justin grabed our towels and he headed to the beach. We took our shoes off and Justin grabed mine and offered to hold them and I gave them to him. When we found a great spot and put our towels down. I put my sunglasses and phone down and striped my clothes off. I felt eyes on me so I turned around and Justin was checking me out. " You like what you see baby" I said Justin licked his lips and nodded his head and walked to me. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me closer and kissed my lips. " Lets go" I said getting out of his grip and walking to the water. I went in the water and dived into it and started swimming. I didn't see Justin. Then I was brougt under water and I saw Justin smiling I just swam to him wraped my legs around his torso and my arms around neck and kissed him. He brought us above water still kissing. We broke apart just looking into each others eye's " I love you Baby forever and always" " I love you too Juju forever and always" I pecked his lips and we contuined swimming.



A/N: This is for Laurn I hope u like is and I'm sorrt if it to short and not good I very am.
And hope you can follow me on twitter @LoweryBieber thnx Loves Swag ~Haley

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