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9. For Gabby


I was at the soccer field waiting for Justin to come and play. I was getting bored so I put my soccer ball on the ground and started playing by myself. When I was running with the ball I kicked it in the goal and it got blocked. I looked up and saw a smirking Justin. I smirked back and was running the ball again towards the goal again. I kicked it and it made it into the goal.

Me: Yah


I was jumping up and down with my hand up in the air.


Justin: Ok ok lets keep going.


We played for another hour and then it started raining. I ran to Justin and tackled him into the ground and started laughing. I held my hand out to help him up and he grabbed it and pulled me on the ground with him. Now we were both muddy. We both laughed and looking at each other we both stood up and smiled at each other. Justin grabbed my hands.


Justin: Gabs I really love play soccer and hanging out with you and you are one of my very best friends no one and ever be like you, you are the best person ill ever have. I hope we will always be friends and no one can ever ruin the friendship we have.


I stood there and smile. He smiled back. I hugged him and started crying tires of joy.


Justin: Hey hey why are you crying.

Me: One these are tires of joy and two that was s-sweetest thing anyone has every said to me thanks.

Justin: your welcome gabs.


I hugged him again and we walked home.


A/N: I know its probably short but I cant be on the computer long so im soo sorry.

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