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4. For: Elsa


Me and Justin were walking down the beach. We were walking hand in hand with my head on his shoulder. The beach was completly empty but only like 4 people. We walked to a spot and laid our stuff down. I stripped to my bathing suit and walked to the water. I just looked at the beaitful sunset glissing on the water it was amazing. Justin came up from behind me and put his arms around my waist and put his chin on my shoulder. " This is so beauitful Justin" " Just like you baby" he said as he kissed my cheek and i leaned back on him. We stayed like that for a minutes or two and then we let go and walked to the water. When I got half way in the water I was getting raised up. I gasped and then looked down and saw Justin looking up at me."What was that for". He just shrugged and put me down. When I was put down Justin turned me around and pulled me closer by my waist and looked in my eyes he moved my dirty blonde hair behind my hair and whispered " I love you Elsa" " I love you too Justin" He bent down and kissed me and then I let go and splashed water at him and laughed. " Oh Elsa im going to get you" I just laughed and and ran onto the beach to our spot. When I got there I got tackled down by Justin he turn me around and just stared at me." He why are you wet baby" " Oh I don't know" He smiled and kissed me I wraped my legs and arms around him. He laid down on the towel and laid me down with him. He pulled me closer and just played with my hair.


A/N: This is for Elsa hope you like it and hope for u to like comment favorite plx thnx. Swag ~Haley.


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