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5. For: Ariee


Justin's POV


Ugh I have to get for another day of hell at school. I think we are having a new girl today but I don't know. For all I know she might be one of those nerds. So I got up our of bed. took a shower, got dressed in a white v-neck with my jean jacket/vest thing with black jeans with my white supras. When I got done gettin dressed I walked out the door. I said bye to my mom and kissed her cheek and walked out the door to my car. I hoped in and drove to school.

When I arrived at school I walked to where my friends were Ryan and Chaz were always somewhere with different girls everyweek. "Ey guys" I said and they stopped kissing the girls and looked at me "Hey bro"  Chaz said and went back to kissing that girl. I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. I walked and bumped into a girl "Whatch where your going" I said brushing my self off. "I'm so sorry" an amazing soft angelic voice said. I looked up and saw this beautiful girl on the ground picking up her stuff. "No its my bad, Hi I'm Justin" I said while holding my hand out for her to help her up. " I'm Ariee I'm new here" she said with a smile. She is so beautiful with her beautiful long brown wavy hair and her beautiful hazel eyes there just so beautiful. " So whats your first period?" "Um Math" "Cool me too follow me I'll show you the way" "ok". We walk to math class and when we walked into the class the teacher stood up. " Justin you are 4 minutes later" " Sorry Mrs. Jones I was showing Ariee around" I pointed to Ariee and looked at her and winked. " Ok yall can just have a seat" I grabed Ariee's hand and walked to my normal seat in the back with Chaz and Ryan. When we sat down Chaz and Ryan started chatting about how hot Ariee is i turned to them " Yall guys hush I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend after school" " All right man" Chaz said while patting my sholder.


The rest of the day went like a blur I have almost every peirod with Ariee but one and she has art. So I went to go find Ariee and she was at her locker. I went up behind her and snaked my hands around her waist "Hey beautiful" ""Hey juju" I smirked when she said that. " You need a ride home" "Um sure" When she grabed her stuff I grabed her hand and walked to her my car. When we got there I turned around and look at Ariee in her eyes " Ariee" "Yes Justin" " Um...Um....Um...Will you like to be my girlfriend" "YES" She jumped in my arms at suprised and kissed my and I kissed back for about 5 minutes we pulled apart. "I love you Ariee" "I love you too Juju"


A/N: OK this is for Ariee hope you like it and don't for get to comment if you would like one and like and favorite thnx ~Haley

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