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6. For: Amrit


I'm in my room getting ready because Justin is taking me to meet his family. I am super shy but I have Justin. I really don't know what to wear so I text Justin.


Me: Baby what am I suppose to wear.

Justin: I'll be there in 5 to help you.

Me: Ok.


I just sigh and sit on my bed and log on twitter and just scroll through. 5 minutes later there's a knock on the front door. I jump up and run down the stairs. I open it up and Justin is standing there in sweats. I just stand the laughing.


Justin: What?

Me: Your really wearing that?

Justin: What were going to my dads house not a restaurant.

Me: Ok. Come on and help me.


I grab Justin's hand and drag him upstairs. We walk into my room and I sat on my bed.

Justin: Close your eyes while I pick something.

Me: Ok.

I close my eyes for about 3 minutes. Until I feel a pair of lips on mine. I kiss back and open my eyes. I pull away looked at what he had pick out.

Me: Really.

Justin: Yep.

Me: Ok.

I grab what he had and walked to the bathroom. I take a shower and then get dressed http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87361007. I walk out to where Justin is sitting on my bed smiling.

Me: Happy.

Justin got up and kissed me and grabbed my hand and then we walked out my front door to his car.

*Skip car ride*

We pull up to a beautiful house. I get out and Justin comes around and grabs my hand. I start shaking. Justin stop and comes in front of me and puts his hands on my shoulders.

Justin: Baby are you ok.

Me: I'm just very nerves and shy when it comes to meet new people.

Justin: Well I'm here and I'm here with you ok.

He says while kissing my temple. I nod and grab his hand. He nods and we counted walking up to the door. He knocks and the door opens and I'm guessing was his dad answered.

Justin: Hey dad.

Jeremy: Hey Justin.

They hugged and Justin's dad turned to me.

Jeremy: Hi I'm Jeremy.

Me: Uh I'm Amrit.

Jeremy: Nice to meet you would y'all like to come in.

Justin: Yeah but we are going to the back for a sec.

Jeremy: Ok.

We walked in and walked straight to the back door. Justin lead me to a chair he sat first then brought me to his lap and laid my head on his chest and he's rubbing me back.

Justin: You ok baby.

Me: Yeah just really shy.

Justin: I could tell your hands were sweaty.

Me: Sorry.

Justin: Its ok baby I still love you. lets go in and meet the rest of the family.

Me: Ok.

Before we got up Justin kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand we walked back in side. We walked in and Justin got attacked by two little kids who must be his brother and sister.

Justin: Jazzy, Jaxon this is Amrit. Amrit this is Jazzy and Jazon.

Jazzy: Hi Amrit.

Me: Hi.

Jazon just waved. I waved back.

The rest of the day we hung out with the kids and just talked.  I had fun.


A/N: So this is for Amrit hope you like it and don't forget to comment if you would like one. Thnx ~Haley SWAG

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