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8. For: Amrit Part2


When we left Jeremy's house Justin had a big smile on his face.


Me: Haha what are you smiling at.

Justin: That you did good with my family.

Me: Yep you told me to stay calm so I did. Do you think they liked me?

Justin: OMG Amrit.

Me: What?

Justin: Haha we couldn't Jaxon off of you.

Me: Well he's a cute little boy.

Justin: HEY?

Me: What?

Justin: What about me?

Me: Well I thought your were sexy but I guess no-

Justin: NO never mind pretend I never said that ok.

Me: haha ok baby.


I said that in a baby voice. Justin just rolled his eyes and keep driving until we came to his house. Justin buckled me up and ran out of the car to my side and reunbuckled me again and picked me up bridal style. I giggled an he carried me upstairs he laid me on his bed and hovered over me and look me in the eye he leaned down and kissed my passionately and it was sweet. I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him down lower to me. He smiled and pulled back.


Me: I love you so much Justin.

Justin: I love you more baby.


He pecked my lips once again and got off of me and pulled down the covers and picked my legs up and put them under cover.


Me: Hey babe.

Justin: Yeah.

Me: I have to change.
Justin: Crap. Ok .


He picked me up again an brought me to the bathroom door and ran to get me something he came back with one of his shirts and handed it to me he wink and walked away I laughed and changed.


Justin: Hey Amrit.

Me: Yeah.

Justin: I LOVE YOU.

Me: I love you too.


I opened the door and Justin was there. He pecked my lips and picked me up and brought me over to the bed.


Me: Babe.


Me: Haha why do you keep caring me.

Justin: Because I love you.

Me: Well I love you too


I pecked his lips and snuggled besides Justin and went to sleep.



A/N: Hope you like it sorry to keep you waiting.

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