My Little MIx Expirience

Mikaela, a high school graduate, moves to London to find her way. Enter Perrie, runs into Mikaela at the Uptown Cafe. After swapping they go off on their own. What happens when while hanging around a studio waiting for Perrie to finish recording, Mikaela sings a song while walking down a hall and bumps into none other than Harry Styles who has just discovered a star, and a love.
*Possible Mature Content.*


1. The Move

I stepped around the millions of boxes and ran to try to catch the phone before it quit ringing. I ran my thigh right into the table. "Ouch!" I yell as I snatch the phone. "Hello?" I pant as I rub my thigh. It's my mom "Hello sweetheart. I just wanted to see if your settled in. Hows London?" I sighed sitting down "London is, well, London." I could hear my mom sigh "I;m sorry sweetheart but Melanie just woke up. I'll call you later. Bye." I sighed and hung up the phone. My mom was always catering to my 8 year old sister. Nothing new. I climbed off the couch and began to rummage through the bedroom box. I pulled out white ripped skinny jeans, silver flats and a pink long sleeve v-neck shirt. I changed out of my painting overalls and grabbed my keys and phone. Hopping in my car I drove down the street to the cafe.

I smiled as I stepped up to the counter scanning the menu. Smiling again I looked at the cashier "Um, I'll take a caramel latte with whipped cream. Thanks." She nodded at she clicked in my order. She directed me to a waiting counter. On my way over to the counter I began looking around the place, clearly not paying attention to where I was going. I bumped into someone "Ohh!" they said as they dropped their book and I my keys. "Sorry." I mumbled as I bent to retrieve my keys just as she did also. We bumped heads "Ouch!" Great two mess ups in one day. So not a good way to make friends. The girl grabbed her books and straightened herself. I lifted my eyes to her. She was pretty. She had blonde curly shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. She smiled at me. I nodded "I'm so sorry. I'm new around here if you can't tell." She laughed a good hearty laugh "It's quite alright love." She stuck out her hand "My names Perrie. Perrie Edwards." I took her hand. Where had I heard that name before. Whilst shaking her hand I introduced myself. "I'm Mikaela. Mikaela Lenwoods." She laughed as I said it  the way she had. She pulled out her phone "Can I have your number?" I nodded and gave her my number as I retrieved hers. After saying goodbye I grabbed my drink and headed out. I got back in my simple black truck. I drove home.

Back home I unpacked 3 more boxes. Then I was tired. I got changed into satin pants and a cotton tank top. I curled up on my bed with my book "Beach Blondes." I read a couple sentences then the book slipped from my hand as my head drooped and I fell asleep.

*Author's Note Please Read*

Hey guys. This is my first ever movella. I'm very new to this. I'm sorry the chapter was short but I did this in a crunch time. I'll try updating within the next few days. I'm open to any ideas and tell me who do you want mikaela to date from 1D if anyone. Thanks lovelys. TTYL

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