Saltwater waves

So I suck at writing summaries. A story. About the hunger games. That's all I'm saying....


3. the train

I walk onto the train and my eyes go wide. It is beautiful. Glass chandeliers, plush chairs. I look at the fancy table in the middle of the room. It's loaded with food. Shella catches me staring at the beautiful wood the table is made of.

"That is mahogany." she says. (a/n: see want I did there??) Finnick and Annie, our other mentor wander into the room. I glare at Finnick.

"Easy there, Ni Ni." he knows I hate that nickname, which is why he calls me it. I want to get up and yell at him for every thing he's ever done to me. Which is a lot. But I can't. Even if I wanted to, I'm not sure I could speak. So I just give him my deadliest glare. And it's pretty intimidating. Finnick just rolls his eyes at me. I get up and walk out of the compartment. I find a room that says on a plaque, "Female Tribute". Well that's me. I open the door and a extravagant room greets me. I jump onto the bed. I think it's time you should know why I hate Finnick so much. My best friend, Laina, was reaped along with Finnick. Laina was the only person who understood me. Finnick was in an alliance with her. And he murdered her in her sleep. When Finnick came back from Owen's games, he saw me sobbing in my room. To this day I still can't believe he said what he said. He said

"Owen deserved to die. If he was better prepared, he could have killed the boy from one." After that, I no longer had an older brother. I moved out into my own apartment the next week. The next year, I didn't have enough money to get food. And he still called himself my brother. He had millions of dollars. He didn't give me even one dollar. I never looked him again after that. I changed out of my reaping outfit into something more comfortable. I then took 10 minutes to figure out how to work the TV and remote. I turned on the reapings and got comfortable. First up was district 1. I don't have to explain why I hate district 1. The girl was blond, and wearing an extremely proactive dress. The boy was tall, lean, muscular, and extremely good looking. No, I tell myself, you won't get a crush on him. No matter how hot he is. SHUT UP. I often have strange conversations with myself. District 2 is up. A monstrous blond boy, and a tiny girl. Both looked extremely dangerous. Most wouldn't think the girl is dangerous. But I can see the maniacal glint in her eyes. It was in the boy who killed Owen's eyes. And it was obvious that the boy was dangerous. I mean, he could snap my neck without a thought. I tune out the other reapings until 11. I watch as a 12 year old is called up. When the escort asks for volunteers, all you can hear is the wind. A huge boy who must be 18 is called up. I think his name is Thresh. I gasp. Owen was in an alliance with the kids from 11. The boy died in the blood bath. But Owen and the girl, Aria, made it to the final 5 and split up. It was down to the final 3, Owen, Aria, and the boy from one. Aria was caught by the boy from one. He stabbed her in the gut, but she didn't die. She screamed, and Owen came running. He didn't see the boy from one watching on the sidelines. It was obvious he loved her. He tried everything to save her. Right before she died, he kissed her. Aria's cannon boomed, and Owen went insane. He finally broke. He kept shaking her body and telling her to wake up. Then he started stabbing everything and sobbing. He didn't see the boy from one sneak up on him. Thresh looks exactly like Aria, only a boy, and older. That's all I need to break down again. I start sobbing silently, and I can't stop. 12 comes on, and a 12 year old gets called. Her sister volunteers for her. I'm crying to much to pay attention to what happens after that. The TV shuts off, and I cry myself to sleep. Like always.

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