Saltwater waves

So I suck at writing summaries. A story. About the hunger games. That's all I'm saying....


2. The Reapings

I used to dread the reaping. When I realized that I would get pick someday one way or an other, I stopped fearing it for myself. But I always feared it for Owen. He was amazing with a spear, and could do wonders with a sword. He was reaped when he was 13 for the 72th. I thought he was going to win. He thought that too. He was tortured by the boy from one. After I saw my baby brother who I loved more than life, be murdered by on live television for entertainment, I stopped speaking. I devoted myself to training. I still have nightmares about his death. I may be the fearless and untouchable girl who doesn't talk, but I cry myself to sleep every night. Nobody knows, but when Owen was little, I would sing him to sleep. After I stopped talking, I kept singing, but not where anyone could hear. But I couldn't finish singing his lullaby without breaking down.

Now I need to go to the reaping. I smooth out my outfit, and put my locket on. I gave it to Owen for his District token. It's a simple circle locket, with a picture of me, him and Finnick, before he became a victor. When Owen's cold, dead, body was shipped back, I took the locket off. I never go anywhere without it. I walk to the square and get checked in. I walk over to the 17 year olds section and tune out the stuff our escort says.

"And now for the girls." I hear our escort, Shella, say.

"Nilanna Odair." Oh. It's me. I calmly walk up to the stage. For some reason, I sneak a look at Finnick's face. I wonder if he still even cares about me. He looks shocked.

"Jaxom Inlan" Oh great. Just great. Sure why don't you just invite my biggest bully from school to be in a fight to the death with me. Great idea. Jaxom is one of those huge buff guys that make it their duty to make my life miserable. Shella leads us into the building, and puts us in separate rooms for the goodbyes. I doubt anyone will come to see me. I have no friends, and my family hates me. I just sit on the couch and look at the picture in my locket. My hair was down, and I was smiling. Finnick had put me on his back, and was hugging Owen from the back. We were on the beach, and the sun was setting. We were so happy. Then a few months later, Finnick was reaped and became a victor. A tear that I don't know leaked out dropped onto my hand. Maybe I did miss having that loving, overprotective, and caring older brother.

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