Saltwater waves

So I suck at writing summaries. A story. About the hunger games. That's all I'm saying....


1. Nilanna

Before we start the whole intro business, I want to state something. I hate the hunger games. They're cruel and pointless. My name is Nilanna Odair. Yeah I know I have the same last name as the "legendary" Finnick Odair. Maybe because I'm his little sister? Yup, you read that right. I'm the little sister of a victor. I hate it, and I hate my older brother. I'll tell you why later. I also had a little brother, Owen. I don't live with Finnick. I'm 17 years old, which means I only have to survive 2 more reapings. I know that the "wonderful" Capitol won't be able to resist putting a relative of a victor into the games, so I'll be reaped either this year or the next. I have the bronze hair that runs in the family, and really dark blue eyes. My hair reaches half way down my back. I started training as soon as Finnick won the games. I was only 8, but I was a smart 8 year old. I knew that someday I would be going into the arena. My specialties are climbing, axes, and smarts. I am very quiet. I don't talk a lot. Scratch that, I don't talk at all. When I go into the arena, I wont go with the Careers. They laugh at people while they're killing them! How cruel and messed up is that?

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