The Child Assignment

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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Sophie Jones is the victim of bullying, by a guy called Louis Tomlinson, she hates him, he hates her, for 4 years he's bullied her, his friends, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles don't, but they never stop it, there in one class together, Social care, Louis' friends aren't in the same class, what happens when their Social care teacher has a new assignment for them to do, not a regular assignment though, oh no, an assignment involving looking after a real child, and he pairs up Louis and Sophie, will they be able to handle the responsibilities? will they be able to cope looking after a living person and not get stressed and give up? but most of all, will they be able to manage in each others company? read on to find out, ps the boys are not famous, at first :)


9. Chapter 9 - The First Night

Louis' point of view

we got into my room and I tidied the bed, yeah I don't make the bed in the morning, but what teenager does,

"sorry about the mess" I apologized,

"its fine, mines just as bed" she chuckled, and we got ready, she changed into her PJ's in the bathroom, I usually slept shirtless and pantless, but not tonight,

"oh right, do you want to get in first"  I asked,

"no you can if you want to" she replied shyly, so I got in, and she slid in next to me,

"this bed is really comfy" she said,

"really" I chuckled, she nodded,

"lets go to sleep" I suggested, she nodded,

I faced the wall and she faced the opposite way to and I fell asleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock, 2:10am, im going back to sleep, I closed my eyes, but then I heard sobs, I looked up and saw Sophie turned over

"Sophie" I groaned, she turned around, she was sniffling like mad,

"how could you" she sobbed,

"what have I done" I asked confused,

she sniffled a bit more and showed me her phone, she turned around, I squinted till my eyes adjusted to the light, I looked, oh no, it was my old  status, 'Sophie Jones is such an idiot, why am I in a class with her' I've not been of Facebook for 3 months, and she sees it now,

"Sophie wait" I sighed,

"what Louis what, so you can call me more, or give me an excuse to why you wrote it" she sobbed, still having her back to me,

"Sophie, I wrote that ages ago, look at the date" I explained, she turned round,

"so, you still wrote it, I knew you hated me, but to write a status, how could you" she yelled,

"im sorry, Ill delete it" I replied,

"so, everyone of your friends list has seen it, no wonder everyone laughed at me" she sighed,

"Sophie, im sorry, I didn't mean it" I said, I tried pulling her in for a hug but she shrugged me off,

"that's it, im going to sleep on the floor" she yelled swivelling her legs round off the bed, I grabbed her hand gently and pulled her back before she could go fully off the bed. I gently tugged her back, and she landed on top of me,

"sorry" I sighed, and she got off,

"no Louis its too late, you wrote a status about me, don't you understand, it hurt me seeing that, you bullied me in school, I had to fight my battles day in day out, when we got put together in this stupid assignment you still was a bit of a bully, now it calmed down and I find this, Louis, its too late" she sighed and got off the bed,

then we saw the door open and she ran on the bed, I chuckled,

"what's so funny" she yelled, wiping her tears away

"look harder" I smiled, and then she realized what it was,

"Kaitlyn" Sophie sighed of relief "what's wrong" she asked,

"im cold, can I sleep with you to tonight pwease" she begged, her little voice is so cute, I looked at Sophie, she sighed and said,

"yeah of course, come on if its ok with Louis" she replied,

"of course, come on love" I smiled,

"yaaaay" and Kaitlyn came and bounced on the bed and hopped in between Sophie and me,

"I wove you guys" she sighed as she got comfy,

"and we love you to" Sophie and I said in unison, that's the most loveliest feeling in the world, someone saying I love you, Sophie and I had to face the same way coz we wanted to keep an eye on Kaitlyn, and so we all settled down to sleep, as Sophie closed her eyes, I looked at her, she looked so beautiful sleeping, hold on Louis, snap out of it, she hates you and your supposed to hate her for tearing up my heart. and I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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