The Child Assignment

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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Sophie Jones is the victim of bullying, by a guy called Louis Tomlinson, she hates him, he hates her, for 4 years he's bullied her, his friends, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles don't, but they never stop it, there in one class together, Social care, Louis' friends aren't in the same class, what happens when their Social care teacher has a new assignment for them to do, not a regular assignment though, oh no, an assignment involving looking after a real child, and he pairs up Louis and Sophie, will they be able to handle the responsibilities? will they be able to cope looking after a living person and not get stressed and give up? but most of all, will they be able to manage in each others company? read on to find out, ps the boys are not famous, at first :)


6. Chapter 6 - Kaitlyn

Louis' point of view

so Kaitlyn made her way over to us with a cute little smile on her face, awww, she skipped her way towards Rachel,

"hewwo" she smiled at us all.

"hello" we all said back, Rachel bent down to her level and said.

"Kaitlyn, you know that you have to live with two people fro 3 weeks don't you" Rachel explained, Kaitlyn nodded,

"these two are going to be them, this is Louis, and this is Sophie" Rachel added,

"yaaaaaay" Kaitlyn screamed, Sophie and I looked at each other smiled, this is going to be a good thing, I hope. she walked to me and held out her arms I bent down and she hugged me, then she went to Sophie and hugged her to,

"awwww" we both said,

"right now Kaitlyn be good for them, and don't be scared to ask them things, and play with them, they will look after you well" Rachel added,

"I bet they will" Kaitlyn smiled shyly, she's so cute, I actually want to adopt her,

"just go play with them now while your here, you will see some of their class mates to coz they'll be playing with the other children, so don't wonder of stay with them, if you want to go outside you can do to" Rachel said, Kaitlyn nodded,

"lets goo" she said excitedly holding out both her hands out for us to take, Sophie and I smiled at each other again and held her hands and she dragged us to the playroom,

"hewwo Megan, hewwo Sam, Liam, Darcy, Hannah, these are all my fwiends" Kaitlyn announced,

"are they, are they good friends" Sophie asked,

"yesss, can we go to the sand pit outside" she asked,

"of course we can" I replied,

"yayyy" she screeched and dragged us outside, awww she's so cute and funny.

so we went outside, it was huge even bigger than inside, you could build a farm on here, it had a climbing frame, a big outdoor slide, 10 small trampolines, 4 10ft trampolines, and 4 14ft trampolines every trampoline with safety nets round them, which was good, there was a swimming pool to, with a few children in with 3 members of staff, if I was a kid i'd love this place, there were ball pools and then in the corner 5 separate sand pits, and so Kaitlyn dragged us  over to the sand pit,

"can we make a sand castle, please, please please" she begged,

"of course" Sophie and I said, she let go of our hands and ran to the sand pit,

"awwww I think this is going to be good" I said to Sophie,

"yeah me to, I hope" she smiled,

"cmon cmon and play with me in here" she said,

 so we ran over to her and we went in the sand pit, we started to build a sand castle, all three of us, we look like a proper family, wow hold on Louis, I think your getting a little carried away there, so when we made the sand castle it actually look good, for the finishing touches Kaitlyn created a moat round it,

"done" she said,

"wooo" we all screeched,

"you two are very nice" she smiled shyly,

"awww your nice to" Sophie and I said together,

"awww, are you to in loooooove" she teased, I blushed, so did Sophie,

"no love, we arnt" I smiled,

"awwww" she said sadly,

"what do you want to do now" Sophie asked awkwardly,

"TV" she screamed,

"alright TV it is then" I smiled, she held out our hands again, we held them and so we went inside and watched TV.

it was 3 o clock and it was time to go,

"right one of you carry the child to the coach and the other carry the things, we will drop you off at the homes you are staying" Mr Ray announced,

"so who's carry Kaitlyn" I asked Sophie,

"I don't know" she shrugged, then Mr Ray came over to us,

"Louis here carry the things" he said, I guess he was deciding who, "James you carry the things, Sam you carry the things" we heard him say,

"do you want to walk or be carried" Sophie asked Kaitlyn,

"Carried" she practically yelled, we both laughed, and Kaitlyn held out her hands for Sophie to pick her up, and so Sophie bent down and scooped her up, and Kaitlyn rested her head on Sophie's chest, and we made our way to the coach, when we arrived at the coach some kids were screaming and kicking off, well, glad we got a nice one, for now, some was really nice, some was crying, some was sleeping and some was happy like Kaitlyn. and so we all piled in the coach.

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