The Child Assignment

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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Sophie Jones is the victim of bullying, by a guy called Louis Tomlinson, she hates him, he hates her, for 4 years he's bullied her, his friends, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles don't, but they never stop it, there in one class together, Social care, Louis' friends aren't in the same class, what happens when their Social care teacher has a new assignment for them to do, not a regular assignment though, oh no, an assignment involving looking after a real child, and he pairs up Louis and Sophie, will they be able to handle the responsibilities? will they be able to cope looking after a living person and not get stressed and give up? but most of all, will they be able to manage in each others company? read on to find out, ps the boys are not famous, at first :)


41. Chapter 40 - going home

Sophie's point of view

the day was perfect, and Louis and me were holding hands, wooow, when he did this I cant even describe the feeling, all I could say was that I loved it, I am really liking this dude, when we go to Louis' we saw a woman and a familiar older man,

"noooooooooooooooooooooooooo" Kaitlyn screamed, she knew who they were, a person from the Take Me Home Care centre and Mr Ray

"Kaitlyn love you have to" she said,

"noooooooooooo" she yelled again,

tears pouring down her little cheeks, this killed me, my eyes started tearing up, same with Louis', she gripped both of our legs one arm wrapped around Louis' leg and the other on mine,

"Kaitlyn come on dear, we have to put you to bed" the worker said again,

"noooo, I wove Louis and Sophie, I want to wive hewe" Kaitlyn said,

tears falling down, Louis was actually crying, who knew this would be so awful, soon tears were pouring from my eyes, same with Jay's and the girls, soon it would be me leaving,

"come on, someone wants to see you tomorrow, they could be adopting you, and they could be nice like Sophie and Louis" the worker said, wait, Kaitlyn was in a line up for being adopted at least she'll have a proper home,

"I want Louis and Sophie" she cried, I picked her up and hugged her tight,

"Kaitlyn, we love you, we always will, well never forget you and you better not forget about us" I soothed rocking her, Mr Ray looking at me with a raised eye brow, yeah you would do that, didn't think we had a heart did he,

"I wove you both to, and the famiwy to, you guys are amazwing, and I wont fowget any of you" she cried,

"we promise we will see you one day" Louis spoke up,

"pwomise" Kaitlyn sobbed,

"we promise" he smiled, she nodded

 Louis held his arms out, I passed her to him and she hugged him tight to, he told her he loved her to, and eventually it was leaving time, she gave everyone one quick hug and said goodbye, everyone apart from Mr Ray and the care worker, in tears they said goodbye, the care worker held out her hands to carry Kaitlyn, but refused she crossed her arms, said one last goodbye and they left,

"Sophie and Louis the results will be read out in class tomorrow" Mr ray said before leaving himself,

everyone of us stood silent as the cars pulled away, it was so warm tonight, maybe because its Summer, nearly

"cmon loves, lets go in" Jay said, we all turned around and Jay closed the door,

"I guess I better pack" I said wiping my eyes,

"stay another night" Jay blurted out,

"what" I asked,

"Kaitlyn had to go tonight, but you can stay for another night" she said,

"I couldn't impose another night, im sure you'll be glad to get rid of me" I said,

"actually im going to miss you, so will the girls, and Louis to, we've loved you staying here" she argued,

"really, but I couldn't I......." I started saying before Louis interrupted,

"just, stay for the night" he said, his watery eyes looking in mine,

"are you sure" I asked,

"of course" Jay replied,

"thanks, I guess one more night couldn't hurt" I smiled,

the girls all cheered and Louis smiled, the girls came and attacked me with hugs, Jay and Louis just stood there laughing, after they parted they all went to bed,

"cmon" Louis smiled as we headed up the stairs,

its crazy to think, at first we hated each other, put together in an assignment, to look after a child, got attached to that child, then we almost kissed, I started to like him, a lot, we saw each other half naked, been teased, been for a meal, or I would like to call it a date, we have kissed, we've held hands, in just 3 weeks, woow

Louis and I got to his room, he let me in first I smiled and slipped in, he slipped in next to me his warm body against me,

"is it me or is it warm tonight" Louis suddenly said as we lay there, facing the ceiling

"I thought that before" I replied,

he started tugging his shirt, wafting it up and down,

"you that warm eh" I chuckled,

"yeah, but I don't want to take it off coz, of....well you" he said,

"what, cmon, its not like i've never seen it before, plus im going to sleep now anyway" I chuckled,

"you sure you don't mind" he asked,

"just take it off, I just wish girls could do it to" I replied,

"you could" he smirked,

"oh shut up Louis" I hissed

"jokes" he chuckled and took his shirt off, he also opened the window, it really was warm

 I could see his body, through reflection of the moonlight, his abs and body were amazing if only I could just lay in his perfect arms, and run my fingers up and down his body and through his hair, I mentally slapped myself and focus on the ceiling again

"goodnight Sophie" Louis sighed as he curled into a ball facing me, I had to face the other way, I only get comfy that way, proper any,

"goodnight Louis" I sighed and closed my eyes

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