The Child Assignment

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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Sophie Jones is the victim of bullying, by a guy called Louis Tomlinson, she hates him, he hates her, for 4 years he's bullied her, his friends, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles don't, but they never stop it, there in one class together, Social care, Louis' friends aren't in the same class, what happens when their Social care teacher has a new assignment for them to do, not a regular assignment though, oh no, an assignment involving looking after a real child, and he pairs up Louis and Sophie, will they be able to handle the responsibilities? will they be able to cope looking after a living person and not get stressed and give up? but most of all, will they be able to manage in each others company? read on to find out, ps the boys are not famous, at first :)


30. Chapter 30 - What If

Louis' point of view

so its been 2 weeks since this assignment, every so often Mr Ray would visit, it would be every 3 days, Sophie and I started having fun more, we've done loads of things, all with Kaitlyn of course we've been bowling, swimming again, this time there were no accidents, we've been to the park, we've been to see some of my family like my granddad and uncles, sometimes we just went for little walks, we even visited my friends, and Liam and Nia, i've loved doing this so far.

it was a Saturday night and we had just put Kaitlyn to bed, we had been round to Liam's house with Nia, there doing great with their kid to, although she can be mischievous, and Liam is taking Nia out on a date tomorrow, yes a date, they so like each other, but yeah, Kaitlyn and Peyton were playing about we was also discussing how much Peyton looked like Nia, she wasn't having it, but there were loads of resemblances they could pass of as sisters.

anyway, everyone was in bed asleep they were all tired, except Sophie and me, we was in bed, but lied awake, awake but still lied down

"so, how have you liked this so far" I asked Sophie,

"its been great, im so glad we didn't have a bad kid" she replied,

"yeah same" I replied back,

we were in darkness except for the moonlight

"can we play a game, im bored" Sophie suddenly asked,

"yeah, sure, what do you wanna play" I asked,

"uummm.....20 questions but you ask a question, then I do, and well do it like that" she replied,

"ok, you start first" I smiled,

"do your family honestly like me" she asked,

"of course they do, coz cmon, my mum and sisters don't pester me to take somebody out for no reason" I chuckled, she giggled to,

"would you ever trust a person to hold your waist again" I asked, was just curious,

"umm...don't know, depended if I knew that person, if it were a friend, or a boyfriend then maybe, but otherwise no" she replied, I nodded,

"have you ever had a girlfriend except for the girl who cheated with my ex boyfriend" she asked,

"nope" I replied

"really" she asked surprised, I nodded,

"why are you surprised" I asked,

"coz your like so popular at school, I used to hear loads of people saying that you Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn were amazing and stuff like that" she replied,

"wow" I chuckled, "anyway, have you ever liked someone a lot" I asked shyly,

"umm.....maybe" she said in her 'yes I did but I don't wanna tell you' voice,

"who" I asked,

"nope, its me to ask you a question now" she stuck her tongue out, I did the same,

"have you ever liked anyone" she asked,

"im going to do your trick, maybe" I replied shyly but laughing,

"did I know this person" I asked,

"yeah" she blushed,

"what about you, do I know the person who you liked" she asked,

"yep" I replied,

"who is this person" I grinned,

"ummm........I cant say it" she replied,

"give me clues" I  said,

"only if you promise that you'll tell me after" she sighed, I nodded,

"well, I used to like him, then he changed and I hated him, and now I.......I think he's gone a little nicer again" she replied,

"ummm.... what's his face.....Danny, out of our social class" I replied,

"'s a total idiot, he's not changed" she looked at me disgusted, I laughed,

"guess again" she rolled her eyes,

"Harry" I said,

"no" she sighed,

"one big clue, he's sat right next to me" she sighed, I was shocked, Sophie used to like me,

"what" I said shooting up,

"yep, I used to like you" she sighed, before you came a jerk,

"well how come you went out with Calvin then" I asked,

"because he asked me out, and I thought I could learn to like him, but nope I didn't" she replied,

"why didn't you tell me" I asked

"I was scared, and now who did you like" she replied, I laid back down,

"you" I said simply,

"what" she then shot up,

"you heard" I sighed,

"are you sure" she asked,

"of course im sure, I wouldn't just make up who I liked" I replied, she laid back down,

"why didn't you tell me" she asked

"coz I was scared to, we were friends at the time, I didn't wanna ruin it" I replied, "when you got with Calvin, it hurt to see you with another guy, that's why I called you all that time, I was getting rid of the pain, ok, so I did it in the wrong way, but it was only coz I was trying to get myself to not like you anymore, coz I knew you wouldn't like me back" I sighed

we laid in silence,

"Louis" Sophie finally spoke up after about 5 minutes

"yeah" I replied,

"what do you think would've happened if we weren't in a relationship with anyone" she asked,

"I don't know what about you" I replied,

"I don't know you think......" she paused, I knew what she was going to say,

"we would've been a couple" I finished of,

"yeah" she whispered,

"maybe, who knows" I replied, "whoever you end up with, they'll be a lucky guy" I whispered

"same to you, but a girl instead" she chuckled,

"of course" I smiled,

"goodnight Louis" she said

"goodnight Sophie" I replied,

and with that we closed our eyes, but everything that we've just been discussing just kept going round in my head, what if we told each other we liked each other 2 years ago, would we be a couple, what if I didn't bully her, would I have been able to tell her when we broke up with our ex's, questions like that raced through my head, I slowly drifted to sleep, with only one question in my mind, what if?


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