The Child Assignment

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 16 Jun 2013
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Sophie Jones is the victim of bullying, by a guy called Louis Tomlinson, she hates him, he hates her, for 4 years he's bullied her, his friends, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles don't, but they never stop it, there in one class together, Social care, Louis' friends aren't in the same class, what happens when their Social care teacher has a new assignment for them to do, not a regular assignment though, oh no, an assignment involving looking after a real child, and he pairs up Louis and Sophie, will they be able to handle the responsibilities? will they be able to cope looking after a living person and not get stressed and give up? but most of all, will they be able to manage in each others company? read on to find out, ps the boys are not famous, at first :)


13. Chapter 13 - Day 2,morning

Louis' point of view

geez Sophie's so stubborn, but I couldn't let her freeze, she'll just blame me, so I had to do something, when I woke up she was still in the bed, thank heavens, I decided to go downstairs and since she made breakfast yesterday I'll do it today, so I crept out of the bed and walked out my room leaving Sophie to sleep, I walked over to Kaitlyn's room to check on her, I peered through the door, she was curled up cuddling her teddy, she looks so cute, I shut the door quietly and went downstairs, I put the toast in the toaster and walked in  the living room waiting for the toast to be done, I walked in and my mum was sat there

"morning love" she smiled,

"morning mum" I smiled back,

"so how you coping" she asked me,

"oh fine, just tiring watching her, yesterday she nearly ran in the road but fell, it scared us" I said letting out a little nervous chuckle,

"you seem like you know what your doing, and Kaitlyn seems happy" she smiled,

"really" I asked,

"yeah, well she asked for a picture didn't she, she lets you pick her up, don't she, she says she loves you, didn't she" she replied,

"awww mum" I smiled,

"how you finding Sophie" she asked,

"yeah its good" I replied,

"awwww that's good, I hope your not doing any funny business are you" she winked,

"no mum we aren't, we're not even together" I rolled my eyes chuckling,

"not yet" she winked, I rolled my eyes,

"no mum" I laughed,

"you will tell me if you do go out though" she pestered,

"yeah mum, I will, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen" I replied,

"good and well, you never know" she winked,

just then the toast popped, I went and made the toast, I placed the plates on the table ready for Sophie and Kaitlyn along with some apple juice

"right im going to work now, say goodbye to Kaitlyn and Sophie for me, and don't forget the girls are back today" she reminded me,

"I will and oh yeah" I replied

just then the door slowly opened,

"morning Jay, morning Louis" Sophie said,

"morning" my mum and me said in unison,

"im going to work now, so bye both of you have fun" my mum said and left

and then there was us to, awkward,

"I've made us some toast on there" I pointed out, "want it" I asked,

"umm...yeah sure, thanks" she replied,

we was watching the music channel while eating toast when the door swung open,

"Morning Sophie, morning Louis" Kaitlyn smiled rubbing her eyes,

"morning Kaitlyn" we both replied, and she sat in between us, I got up and handed Kaitlyn the toast,

"thank you Louis" she smiled,

"your welcome" I replied,

we put Disney channel on and The Lion King was on so we watched it while eating, in the middle of eating there was a knock at the door,

"who's that" Kaitlyn asked,

"I don't know" I replied so I placed my toast on the table and went to door, I opened it and saw Mr Ray,

"sir, what are you doing here" I asked, a little creeped out, why was my teacher here,

"well remember when I said I was going to asses you, well here I am, I've been to 3 people so far, and your next" he replied

I looked at him weird but let him in,

"I will need to speak to Kaitlyn" he said as we made our way to the living room

"well we're having toast at the moment" I replied,

"im done Louis" Kaitlyn shouts,

we both go in the living room,

"Kaitlyn can I talk to you for a minute" Mr Ray asks her in his  kid voice,

"can Louis or Sophie come" she asks, haha yes, that's gotta be good

"no im sorry, it'll only take a minute" he say,

"noo, I want Sophie or Louis" she pouts, go Kaitlyn,

"well she certainly likes you two, but sorry Kaitlyn they cant" he replies

"fine" Kaitlyn pouts

"we'll just go wash the plates, cmon Sophie" I say, she nods

we take the plates in the kitchen, I wash, she dries,

"what do you think she'll say" I asked Sophie,

"I don't know, but it seems good coz she wanted one of us to go with her" Sophie replied,

"yeah, we may get a good mark then" I replied,

she half smiled at me and I returned it, and we continued washing and drying

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