Imperfection is key

Ugly, fat, stupid, shitty the words that are said to me every day are so simple yet so hurtful. I'm Sarah jorkins and I may be all of these words but it doesn't mean I'm any less human.


2. Not a love note not a hate note

"Sarah!" My mom called as I stared into the mirror. I hate how I look my stringy brow hair my mud brown eyes and my dark stupid freckles on my nose.i hated my face since I got my first nickname, "sour faced Sarah" it may sound stupid, until something like that happens to you.after several attempts to make my hair look as good and shiny as the other girls I slumped down stairs full of frustration and disappointment. "What's wrong honey?" My mom asked looking concerned. But instead of telling her all of my problems I just replied with a fake smile and said "nothing just sleepy" I never tell my mom anything she is a single parent and works a lot to only get minimum wage the last thing she needs is to know that her daughter is having major social problems. My mom gave me a cheery wave and skipped out the door like a perky cheer leader. After eating some breakfast I walked to school. Even though my school is almost a mile away from my house I always walk, never again will I step foot on another school bus never again. When I got to school I herd the usual snarky comments and got the usual amount of mean notes that fell out of my locker but as a couple fell out one caught my eye it was crumpled and blue and had neat cursive handwriting it wasn't a love note, but it wasn't a hate note, all it said was "imperfection is key, meet me after school 47 Larry lane" Larry lane? Isn't that the poor side of town? I didn't care I had plans REAL PLANS!!!!! 

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