An Unexpected Love

Jennifer Lancer thought her life was perfect, with the best friends, rich parents, and the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. But little did she know that was all about to change when mysterious Zayn Malik transferred to her school in America; he helps her get out of her popular funk when everyone starts rumors about her. Zayn will show Jenny what it's like to love and be loved./// Zayn Malik has had a pretty tough life. He had been to jail twice and missed two years of high school. He had gotten expelled from his old school, then he went to a school in California Appleton High and met annoying, yet unbearably loveable Jennifer Lancer. She shows him how to let go of his past and give up on thinking he'll do it again.


15. Jennifer

I woke up sprawled across three chairs with a cold pack on my head. Why was I here? Oh right... Zayn was in a fight and he passed out. And he doesn't know who I am. No. I just met him and I just got him, I can't lose him already. But he also didn't know who he was. I got up and saw Dr. Ibarra taking his pulse. 

I said, "How's everything going?" 

The doctor turned and said, "Oh, hello sweetie, everything is going well. Zayn should get his memory back in the course of a few weeks. But you are going to need to help him by showing him things he should remember."

I then remembered. Zayn could die. I couldn't go through that again. I couldn't go through a boyfriend dying; anyone dying actually. I sucked in a breath, "Um. Okay... But I only met him today..." I said.

He nodded, "You told me, and he doesn't know who you are so, you need to update him on everything. Plus, I'm not sure if a relationship would be good for him, he doesn't need any drama right now." 

I held back tears, "Alright," I said.

Dr. Ibarra said, "Honey, why don't you go home, it's been a long day for you. Why don't you come back tomorrow morning, okay?"

I turned to the door and nodded, the tears finally falling. I took off my heels, I had changed before I drove over, and bolted to my car. I started the engine and slammed the pedal, going totally over the speed limit. I looked in the mirror- I looked like a raccoon. Great. Then I heard sirens. Greater. I pulled over and waited for the officer to fill out my licence plate and then I wiped at my tears, leaving big black streaks of mascara on my cheeks.

He approached my door and I sniffed, "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?"

My face crumpled and I put my head on the steering wheel. I shook it and felt myself convulse as I cried, thinking of Cole.

The officer said, "Can I ask what's wrong?" 

I kept crying and tried to say, "My... no." 

He said, "That's okay, do you need a ride? I can drive you home then bring your car later if you want."

I sniffed and looked up at him. I nodded and then rummaged through my glove compartment. I took out my makeup wipes and  cleaned the streaks off my face. He opened the door and I followed him out to his car. While we were driving I must have dozed off. 

I was in a car with Cole, my boyfriend. We had been together for years; I loved him more than anything. He had dark blonde hair and green eyes. Beautiful eyes. We were happy and going to a picnic in Hollywood, in a big open meadow. There was a parking lot nearby, so Cole dropped me off near the meadow, "I'm gonna park the car, baby. Do you want to set it up?" 

I loved that about him. He asked me, he didn't tell me to set up the picnic, and he wasn't being sarcastic. "I'd love to," I said honestly.

He winked and leaned out the window. I kissed him and he said, "I'll be right there, I love you."

"I love you too, baby!" I yelled to him as he drove off. I waved and just as I was about to turn away, a big semi truck ran a stop sign, and smashed Cole's car. I screamed and dropped the basket, calling 911. The ambulance showed up and they cut Cole out of the car, he was unconscious, but alive. I sat by him in the ambulance, holding his hand, and looking at his cuts and bruises already forming. He was so beat up. I cried silently and said, "It'll be okay baby. It'll be okay. I love you. It will be fine." We arrived at the hospital soon and I followed them into the room.

A woman in a white coat said, "Sweetheart, you have to leave."

I shook my head, "No, please I need to stay."

So I did. And they let me sit by him, and hold his hand while they hooked up heart monitors and gave him an I.V. At one point the monitor beeped steadily and Cole's eyes fluttered open. He looked at me through the oxygen mask he had on. Tears formed in his eyes. 

The monitor beeped faster, and faster and he said hoarsely, "Baby, I love you. I always will, Jennifer. I love you so much. You don't know. Baby, I love you." 

He kept saying it, and the monitors beeped faster, and I said, "Stop, Cole. Stop saying that." I knew why he said it, and I couldn't let him. But he didn't stop and I said, "Cole, no. I love you, too. But you have to cut it out."

Doctors surrounded us. He looked at them and then at me. He whispered, "Jennifer, I love you." 

The machine beeped faster until it stopped into one steady beep, "I love you, too." I said right when it happened. The doctors looked at me and then one of them zapped him with electricity, nothing happened, but he convulsed. Then another one looked at his watch.

"11:52 am." he said quietly. I stepped back and covered my mouth with my hand.

"NO!" I screamed. I felt tears spill over. I screamed again and then someone shook me.

They said, "Stop, you're fine. It's fine. Wake up." My eyes shot open, and I was in the back of a car. I looked at an officer and he said, "What did you dream about?"

I looked around and wiped my tears. I said, "I have to go." and I scooted out of the car, and started running back home. I couldn't date Zayn, not even if he wasn't hurt. I couldn't betray Cole and I couldn't risk losing anyone again. Why did I even think that I could have been with Zayn for that short period of time. How could I forget the vow I had made to myself, I wouldn't date again. Ever. I just couldn't do that to Cole, I loved him too much. 

I ran until I collapsed in my driveway, bawling my eyes out. A car pulled up to my house and they just ran out without turning their car off. Whoever it was ran and knelt by me. "He'll be okay." I heard Angela say.

I shook my head, "I know, but I can't be with Zayn."

She put my head in her lap and said, "Why not?"

I sat up and looked at her, "I couldn't do that to Cole. I love him. I just can't."

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