An Unexpected Love

Jennifer Lancer thought her life was perfect, with the best friends, rich parents, and the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. But little did she know that was all about to change when mysterious Zayn Malik transferred to her school in America; he helps her get out of her popular funk when everyone starts rumors about her. Zayn will show Jenny what it's like to love and be loved./// Zayn Malik has had a pretty tough life. He had been to jail twice and missed two years of high school. He had gotten expelled from his old school, then he went to a school in California Appleton High and met annoying, yet unbearably loveable Jennifer Lancer. She shows him how to let go of his past and give up on thinking he'll do it again.


7. Jennifer

When Angela walked through the door glaring at me as sweat poured down my face, I sighed and said, "Go change." acting more like her coach than her best friend. Then she left and I repeated the dance steps for everyone to follow. Anna didn't follow. Instead she wiped her eyebrow and shook her head, walking towards the locker room where Ange had gone to change. "And where might you be going?" I asked.

She chuckled, "You may be captain, but you aren't a teacher, therefore you can't question me and I don't have to tell you anything." she smiled sweetly and ran to Angie.

I groaned and corrected Delilah, "Deeper on the dip," I said.

She glared and said, "Sorry that none of us are as perfect as you. At least I don't break the heart of my best friend and the sweetest girl here." she went deeper.

Why were they all criticizing me now? "Look, I just said what I was thinking." I stood over her.

"Well maybe you should turn on your filter so that you aren't so damaging to other people!!" dang she was fast with her comebacks.

I stuttered, "Well maybe... you should... focus instead of being rude." I narrowed my eyes and said, "let Angela coach the class until I get back." and I stormed out of the room and down the staircase to where the boys should be getting their drinking break. I wanted to avoid all of them at all costs. 

But of course the wicked dipwad of the west came up to me and walked backwards next to me, not even sweating a bit, "What was wrong with Ange? Is she okay?" he questioned.

I sneered, "Why the heck do you care?" Is it bad that I am oddly attracted to him right now?

He smiled, "Well see, I'm not that bad of a guy. So I do have a heart and do care about her."

I laughed, "Doubt it." ohmygoodness I'm gonna die. Is he adorable or what? No stop it Jenny! I thought and virtually slapped myself across the face. Get ahold of yourself. Then I looked at his arms, which were very colorful. Tattoos. Woah I am a marshmallow to tats. I shuddered.

"You okay?" he asked, looking like he did care.

I shook my head, trying to snap out of my funk, "Fine. Umm... But if you'll excuse me, I was trying to get some fresh air." I tried to sidestep him, but he blocked me.

He grinned, "What's the matter, Jen?" 

I looked down and then at his face, "Nothing. But I gotta go." I said, stepping farther to the side, keeping myself from jumping into his arms then and there. What is WRONG with me?! I ran to the door and was about to leave, but he wrapped his arm around my stomach and I felt butterflies fill it. He easily lifted me up and flipped me over his shoulder. I groaned in annoyance.

"Who's the creeper groaning now?" he asked playfully. 

I suppressed a sigh at the sweet tone of his voice. Then he set me down when we were in another room. "Can I help you?" I said, keeping calm.

He reached out and touched my arm, "Tell me what's wrong." he said softly.

And then. without even knowing what I was doing, I leaned up and kissed him. :O. I don't know why I did it that day, but let me say I had mixed feelings about it. Something that surprised me even more was that he kissed me back and wrapped an arm around my waist. 

I pulled back, angry at myself and snapped back to normal, the normal where I hated him. Even though, I didn't really hate him. I liked it. But I told myself I didn't and turned out of his grasp, bolting out of the room with mad tears squeezing out of my eyes.


What did you guys think of the twist with Jen kissing Zayn?! WOAH!!!!!!

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