An Unexpected Love

Jennifer Lancer thought her life was perfect, with the best friends, rich parents, and the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. But little did she know that was all about to change when mysterious Zayn Malik transferred to her school in America; he helps her get out of her popular funk when everyone starts rumors about her. Zayn will show Jenny what it's like to love and be loved./// Zayn Malik has had a pretty tough life. He had been to jail twice and missed two years of high school. He had gotten expelled from his old school, then he went to a school in California Appleton High and met annoying, yet unbearably loveable Jennifer Lancer. She shows him how to let go of his past and give up on thinking he'll do it again.


3. Jennifer

I sighed as I turned to Zayn and said, "Let's get started." I cleared my throat and say, "So what do you want to do?" I tilted my head to the side.

He grinned and said, "Whatever you want, Jen." Zayn reached into his backpack and pulled out a black notebook, and opened it to the first page. 

"Let's do fashion then, pretty boy." Two could play at this game. I could already tell the type of guy Zayn was. On the outside he may be sweet and cute, but on the inside he was a jerk. I grabbed the shoulder of his leather jacket in my forefinger and thumb and dropped it, smoothing it out. "On second thought, we better not." 

He sucked in a deep breath of air and said, "Haha. But, doll face, I think fashion would be something you would be good at since it seems it's the only sense of personality you have."

I clenched my teeth, "Wad." I said under my breath.

"Nice comeback, doll face." he said writing 'Greece Culture' on the top of his notebook page.

I grabbed his wrist and squeezed it, "Call me doll face again and I will break your wrist." I said; he didn't know the strength of a dancer or someone who was always at the bottom of the pyramid in cheerleading. Holding someone up was as easy as crushing Zayn's hand now.

He laughed out loud, "Ouch." he played. I squeezed tighter and I heard it pop, cracking it. "Okay, cool, thanks for cracking my wrist." He twirled his other wrist and it popped. I tightened my fingers and felt something move. He gasped, "Okay point taken," and he pried my fingers off of him and rubbed his hand.

"That's what I thought, pretty boy." I said, just as Mayla Jennings slid past Zayn's side of the table and dropped a piece of folded paper on it.

He glanced at me and opened the note. It said "Hey, new guy. Want a new friend? Here's my number, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram" she listed all of them, "I think ur cute and think we could be close. <3 Mayla J. ;)"

My mouth hung open.  Zayn chuckled, "I guess you really mean pretty boy, huh?" and he winked. I have never wanted to slap someone across the face as much as I did right now. So instead I punched him in the arm- hard.

"Someone's got a mean right hook, did you know that? I bet the wrestling team could use that." he commented just as three more girls- Chealsey Manta, Lucy Gillies, and Liz Tyler- dropped notes on his desk saying the exact same thing as Mayla's. He smiled and winked at them and they just about died. I rolled my eyes. He shot an over-confident smile at me showing me that he had won the argument. I pressed my lips together and clenched my teeth, hard. 

I walked over to Angie, "I hate him. He needs to leave our school." I said.

She furrowed her brows, "Why, he's super sweet? And easy on the eyes, huh?"

I wrinkled my nose, "Ew, no. Well, okay easy on the eyes, but he is a total Dip. Trust me." I said, hating him more every second.

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