An Unexpected Love

Jennifer Lancer thought her life was perfect, with the best friends, rich parents, and the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. But little did she know that was all about to change when mysterious Zayn Malik transferred to her school in America; he helps her get out of her popular funk when everyone starts rumors about her. Zayn will show Jenny what it's like to love and be loved./// Zayn Malik has had a pretty tough life. He had been to jail twice and missed two years of high school. He had gotten expelled from his old school, then he went to a school in California Appleton High and met annoying, yet unbearably loveable Jennifer Lancer. She shows him how to let go of his past and give up on thinking he'll do it again.


1. Jennifer

I stood in front of the mirror and curled a straight strand of my blonde hair. When I released the clip of the iron I ran my fingers through the kinky twirls of my golden locks to soften them. I crossed over to my closet and took out a pink mini skirt and slipped it on, then I grabbed my favorite polka dot silk blouse and tucked the bottom into my skirt. I grabbed my strappy silver sparkly pumps and slipped them on; then I stepped to my mirror and applied some pink lipstick and neutral brown eye shadow.

I sighed and added a pink and black choker along with pearl earings and bracelets. When I got to my bathroom I scrubbed my teeth white and checked to make sure I didn't ruin my makeup. I smiled and grabbed my purse and backpack, throwing it over one shoulder. 

I started walking down the stairs and called, "Mom! Dad!" my parents must have left already. So I called my brother Jake and he grunted in response. My shoes clicked as I walked into the kitchen and drank a glass of water.

"Jen, when are you going to stop dressing up for school?" he asked looking at my skirt and chugging milk from the carton. he grimaced and said, "I think this is old."

I snickered, "Maybe you should check the expiration date, dork. And I am not dressed up, I'm just not dressed down, like some people." I scanned his wrinkly polo shirt and sagging jeans, ending with his white and orange high top shoes. "If you need fashion advice you know who to come to!" I grimaced as I took my keys off of their hook on the wall and walked out the door. 

I clasped my hands together and beamed as I opened the four-car garage and approached my pink mustang. I slid into the drivers seat and speed dialed my best friend Angela. She answered on the third ring, "Hey, girl! Where are you?"

I smiled at her bubbly attitude. She is quite the morning person and I envied her positive attitude. She had it ALL. THE. TIME. Not that I didn't love her for it. I laughed, "I'm on my way to your house, Angie. I'll be there in, like, a second."

I heard her smile, "Okay see ya then!"

So I pulled out of the driveway and clicked the close garage door button. I pulled into the driveway right next to my house and waited for my friend to get into my car. She had straightened her midnight hair and wore lavender skinny jeans with a bright silky yellow long sleeve shirt tucked into them with a cute cowboy belt and a large gold buckle. "Someone looks cute," I approved and winked at her as I looked behind me to leave her drive.

She giggled, "Thanks! And to you, too, sista!" 

I laughed, "So did you here that a new guy is coming today?" I had gotten a text from our friend Gemma, who's boyfriend was the new guy's cousin.

"Oh yeah, Gemma texted me!" she smiled, "Brad is Zayn's cousin!" Brad was Gemma's boyfriend.

"His name is Zayn? That's cute." I commented as I wondered what he looked like.

"Jenny keep your eyes on the road!" Angie screamed. Then we both cracked up. Either of us could drive to our school- Appleton High- with our eyes closed. 

When we pulled in, James and Devyn came to either side of the car and opened our doors for us, "Hello ladies," they said in unison. Angie and I exchanged a look and we did everything we could not to crack up. Devyn continued, "Looking lovely as always."

I sighed and linked my arm through Ange's, "Thanks," I said. Dev and James had been hitting on us since the third grade and we have blown them off more than a couple times. So we walked together to the entrance of school with our shoes clicking at the same time.



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