An Unexpected Love

Jennifer Lancer thought her life was perfect, with the best friends, rich parents, and the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. But little did she know that was all about to change when mysterious Zayn Malik transferred to her school in America; he helps her get out of her popular funk when everyone starts rumors about her. Zayn will show Jenny what it's like to love and be loved./// Zayn Malik has had a pretty tough life. He had been to jail twice and missed two years of high school. He had gotten expelled from his old school, then he went to a school in California Appleton High and met annoying, yet unbearably loveable Jennifer Lancer. She shows him how to let go of his past and give up on thinking he'll do it again.


16. Angela

I gasped and stroked Jennifer's hair. "I understand... I really do, Jenny, I get it. Remember when we went to the coast and surfed? I met that hot guy, Bennette, and when we left I heard on the news he got eaten by a shark..." I tried to lighten the mood but it only seemed to upset her more. Which sucks, because Jen has been doing so well, she had dated Damion, but I think that was just to help her with the pain, even though it gave her more. Even though we both just met him, Zayn was an amazing person and neither of them knew how perfect they would be together.

"I just miss him so much, Angie, you know?" she sobbed into my yoga pants and I shushed her.

"I know, it will be okay though, sweetie it will all turn out. Everything happens for a reason. Zayn will be fine, and Cole would want you to be with Zayn. He would want you to be happy. And dwelling on the past will only make it worse for you." I said, copying something I had heard in a movie. It seemed efficient for the setting though.

Jennifer said, "I don't even know what I was thinking when I was with Zayn." I bet she had ignored me. She didn't even acknowledge that I had spoken!!!! "He just made me forget about Cole. And I can't forget about him, he took a part of me with him when he died, and I can't let that part come back. Then I would have lost him forever."

I sighed, "Well, yeah, but you can't go back to being a shell, Jen. You just let Damion beat you, you let him do whatever he wanted and you didn't give two craps because you weren't even in there. You were just an outline of Jennifer Lancer, not the real thing. I don't want you to go back to that, and Zayn can fix it. When he gets better."

She sniffled, "But I can't risk losing someone again. Why do you think whenever we go places together I drive, Angie? I can't risk losing my Bestie and I can't risk losing Zayn, who could die if he hits his head hard again."

I opened my mouth, but I didn't know what to say. So I stood up and said, "C'mon let's go inside." I grabbed her hands and pulled her up to her feet. She walked with me into her house and we passed her brother in the kitchen and his inconsiderate butt smiled at her smiling.

"Sad about something?" Jake said sarcastically. "Is there anything I could do?"

She took a pump out of her hand and shot it at him. The heel was headed straight for between his eyes, but he tipped his head back, so it got stuck in their counter. She cursed softly and when back to walking up the stairs with me and into her bedroom. Her giant bedroom. I looked at the pink walls and then said, "Why don't you change?" 

She nodded and I turned so she could have privacy, and I looked at her picture board. I saw her and Cole, they were smiling and leaning across a table, their noses touching. I smiled slightly and looked at another picture: They were in on the ocean, and it was an action shot of Cole falling out of the canoe, and Jen with her hand on her stomach, laughing at him falling. I remembered that day. We were like the three amigos, and what I loved about Cole, was that although he was dating Jen, they never made me a third wheel. Sure they would go on dates without me, but I never felt left out or like I wasn't as close to them as I used to be. That day at the beach was the week before Cole had died; we were swimming and joking around. I remember it perfectly:

"Do you want to go on a canoe?" Cole had asked Jen and I. I shook my head, I was afraid of sharks, but Jenny nodded happily and looked at me, sadly.

I said, "No you two go without me, I'll take some pics!" I held up my camera and Jen nodded. They ran to the shack to rent one and Jennifer picked a pink one with flowers on it. I could hear Cole groan and I smiled. They went out in the water, and Jen grabbed a paddle.

Cole took it from her and grabbed both, I could hear him say, "We don't want you to pull something!" he winked at her, knowing she wouldn't.

"But COLE I'll be fine!" she protested. 

He gave her a peck on the cheek and paddled them out from shore. Jen fixed her hot pink bikini and waved at me. I smiled and saw her say something to him. She had asked him to swim with her. He stood and took off his shirt, ready to swim. She poked him in the chest and stood also, he lost his balance and started waving his arms around, falling backwards. Jen laughed and that's when I captured it. 

"I miss our trips to the beach." Jen snapped me out of my reverie, and I noticed that I was crying, too.

"I do too..." I said, honestly and I wiped my cheeks. Jenny had changed into pajamas that Cole had gotten her. They had ducks on them, and her shirt was pink. Shocker. "Ducky." I remembered.

Jen looked at me with fresh tears forming and said, "I was his little Duckling." she burst out again.

I regretted calling her that now. So I went to my dresser and pulled out the matching pair of pjs he had gotten me with squirrels on them, because I was always "Bright-eyed and  bushy-tailed" in his opinion. She turned and I quickly stripped and put on the pajamas, smiling. Jennifer laid back on her bed and closed her eyes.

"It hurts." she said whimpering. 

I nodded, "Remember Christian?" I asked softly. I had had a crush on Christian since 5th grade, and he asked me out, but since my other friend Sandy had liked him, I said no. Then in 7th grade, when I had my appendix taken out, she came and visited me, telling me she was dating him. I acted happy for her, but I was furious. Then they broke up and Christian's best friend dated her, what a jerk. Later, Christian told Jen he liked me and asked if I liked him, Jenna said yeah and he wanted to go out with me, but didn't ask. The next day, Jenny asked if he was going to ask me out, and he said that he like Lily! Then the next day he texted me and said that he liked me but he changed his mind a lot. The day after that he said, Oh I love you like a sis. I slapped him so hard.

Jennifer grinned, "He was a wad." then her face crumpled, "But at least he isn't dead!!" she squeaked out.

She turned and shoved her face into her pillow. I was a sucky friend. I put my other clothes in my dresser- yes my dresser. I go over to her house a lot, I keep clothes by her and she by me. Don't ask. I sat by her and grabbed a chocolate bar out of our PMS drawer. Yes we have PMS drawers, one in each of out bedrooms for when we are, well craving and/ or PMSing. She took the Hershey bar and bit it, sucking on it so it would melt. Yummy. I smiled and then she went still. She was asleep; I looked at the arm that held the chocolate. I saw the scars on her wrists from when he died and she said it lessened the pain inside. The scars where whitish now and they were bumpy. I sighed and took the chocolate, putting it back and going to the closet. I opened it and pulled down my bed, snuggling under the blankets.

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