Is that really you?

Emma Bosworth is an 18 year old typical girl, however one thing is different about her compared to you and me. She hasn't seen the outside in 3 years, since she was taken by her dad. She leaves her best friend behind at home but what happens when she escapes and finds out her best friend is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world?


6. The Question

Liams POV

Did that really happen? I mean she was perfect and the fireworks that exploded were uncountable, I mean they were amazing the way her lips fitted perfectly to mine .


Emma's POV


That kiss was well perfect. My first real kiss was perfect.


"so..... Emmie" Liam said

"so what LiBear" I repiled

"I wonder if you would escort me to the wonderful delights of Nandos, Mexican Resturant"

"Of course I will Liam" I said poshly and we both burst out laughing

"oh there is one more thing?"

"which is?"

"wouldyoudomethehonourofbeingmygirlfriendsinceyouareamazing" he said really fast

"what Libear say it slowly"

"would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend since you are amazing"

but before I could reply to him. The pod suddenly ground to a halt as it was being lowered...





Sorry for the crap/short chapter just been really busy but i didnt want to let you guys down!

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