Is that really you?

Emma Bosworth is an 18 year old typical girl, however one thing is different about her compared to you and me. She hasn't seen the outside in 3 years, since she was taken by her dad. She leaves her best friend behind at home but what happens when she escapes and finds out her best friend is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world?


1. Taken

Emma's POV

"Emma come down here NOW!" my dad shouted and I carefully walked down the stairs. I had no idea where I was or where I had been for the last 5 years. I carefully walked into the living room to discover yet more beer cans on the floor. "strip" he ordered. Well I guess it was rape night once again. He walked out and left the door open. wow this could be my chance to espace. I carefully placed my clothes back on a slipped on my only pair of converses and headed out of the door.

I ran and ran until I could no longer see the house. The house that held so many bad memories. I walked round the corner into a town full of people and then I spotted it a coffee shop that I could walk into. I ran in and graphed some change I has stolen from my dad once. There was so much to choose from but during the frantic decision making  I walked into someone and a Load of coffee spilled over my top. Great. "Oh My god I'm so sorry" the boy said, some how he seemed related to me.
"oh its fine" I said and I looked up. I just stood there and froze and looked at me
"do I know you from some where?" I asked
"well, I really don't know how to be put this but by any chance are you Emma Bosworth?"
"errrrm yes , do I know you?" but before I could say anymore he hugged me
"my names Liam Payne and we just to be best friends"  and then all the memories came back to me.


Liam's POV

I was walking down the street, well crying as well to be honest I had just seen Dani and well things were over, my relationship for the last 2 years was over. 

I ended up walking into Starbucks, since it was only coffee shop I could see. I put my hood up and walked into the shop and quickly ordered a coffee and walked out. I was in such a rush I didn't see who was coming. I spilled coffee over this quite fit girl but she looked really thin "Oh my god I'm so sorry" I said quickly
"oh it's fine" and I looked up to discover my childhood sweetheart looking right into my eyes.




Emma Bosworth.

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