Is that really you?

Emma Bosworth is an 18 year old typical girl, however one thing is different about her compared to you and me. She hasn't seen the outside in 3 years, since she was taken by her dad. She leaves her best friend behind at home but what happens when she escapes and finds out her best friend is 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the world?


2. Really?!

Emma's POV
"so, what have you been upto in the last 5 years?" Liam Asked
"well..." I murmend
"well what.." Liam Said
"Ivebeenlivinginahousewithmydadwhoabusesmeeverydayforthelast5yearsandihadntbeenoutsidefor5years" I said really quickly
"basically my dad abused me for the last 5 years and I haven't been outside" I choked out
"oh" was all he could manage
we stood in silence for what seemed forever and then Liam broke me out of my gaze and took my hand
"where are we going as soon?" as we got into the taxi
"to my place" Liam muttered
"woah you have you own place"
"yeah, well my carerr pays a lot" he joked and that moment the driver pulled up at a Block of flats. We carefully walked up the stairs towards a flat and then Liam opened it to realive a load of cds with a group of boys faces on it. There was a rack full of trophys including a brit, 3 moon men, and a bunch of other awards including a "woaaaaaaaahhhh is that a Brit!" I excalmied
"errrr yeah"
"what did you win it for"
"Best British Single and another one for Global Success but that hasn't come yet"
"wow cool are you still in a solo carerr" I asked
"well no , i'm band called One Direction with 4 others boys who are like brothers to me"
"wow tell me more" and he began to tell me about them
2 hour's Later
"wow" was all I could say
"yeah I know I cant believe it" and then suddenly the doorbell went..

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